The Head Joy Series has really hit the nail on the head, so to speak, the past few seasons. The Joy Series is Head’s line of women-specific skis that have made waves for their ability to provide a smooth-skiing ride for skiers of all levels and styles. The 2018 collection is no exception to the trend. The Head Joy Series skis are designed just for women and takes pride in being an extremely lightweight and agile ski. Each one of the skis in the Joy Series is loaded with the technology and style to help you feel empowered on the slopes, bringing joy to all those that ride them.

What Technology Makes the Joy Series Special?

Head uses the same technologies in each one of the Joy series along with simple, yet stylish graphics to bring a fantastic skiing ride that looks great on the mountains. The mix of technology creates a ski that is supremely skiable. Let’s take a look into the things that makes this line of women’s skis so great:

Graphene: Every one of the Joy skis uses Graphene as a laminate. Years of research brings this material into the skiing world and Head puts it into the heart of every one of the Joy series skis. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, while being only a single molecule thick. This incredible strength-to-weight ratio is perfect when you want a ski to be both lightweight and still have a steady ride. Graphene is also the thinnest material on earth by being 1 million times thinner than a human hair. This has allowed the design team to shape the weight distribution of each ski anyway they want.

ERA 3.0: Head’s ERA 3.0 Technology specifically designs the amount of rocker, turning radius and rebound for each ski to the specific skill set of the skier it is created for. By having the correct amount of each of these aspects, you are sure to get optimal performance tailored for you.

Koroyd: Koroyd is a honeycomb-shaped material that is also very lightweight and known for its vibration dampening properties to deliver a smooth and easy ride on the mountain, no matter how fast you are skiing or how firm the terrain is.

Women’s Specific Camber: Each one of the Joy series has a Women’s Specific Camber that makes the skis less fatiguing and easier to control.

Allride Rocker: Allride Rocker gives you smooth and easy turn initiation and steering by having the front 20% of the ski be rockered and the rest of the ski cambered for edge hold and stability. The combination of the two creates a favorable ride for most anyone.

Line Overview:

The Joy series has a ski for every level of skier and every ability for women who are going to be spending their time on the groomers. Let’s take an in-depth look at each model:

Total Joy: The Total Joy has an 85mm waist and can be taken off the groomers on light powder days. Designed for the strong intermediate to expert level skier the Total Joy is a smooth skiing ride that is capable of rolling over crud on snowy days and that has the edge hold to tackle firm conditions.

Super Joy: The Super Joy is most commonly seen slicing down the slopes of Stratton or Stowe on the feets of ladies who like to ski fast and with beautiful technique. The 75mm waist creates a very smooth and agile feeling that has the ability of delivering a strong edge hold on firm slopes. Strong intermediates and expert skiing women love this ski.

Absolut Joy: The Absolut Joy is designed for the athletic beginner up to the strong intermediate skier. Head’s Superlight Composite Core provides the perfect mix of stability and forgiveness to allow you to improve without having the ski feel fatiguing as you are learning, but give you the power you need once you improve.

Pure Joy: The Pure Joy is the perfect learning tool for the true beginner or mellow intermediate skier. The Power Sidewall Jacket Core also has a composite core that is thinner and lighter than the core of the Absolut Joy. This lightweight ski is incredibly forgiving and has given many first time skiers the love for the sport and the confidence to challenge themselves into skiing more terrain than just the greens.

First-Hand Account: employee Jami has skied and spent the past two years learning how to ski while using the Head Pure Joys, and here’s what she had to say about them:

“The Head Pure Joy will always hold a special place in my heart, as they were the skis that I learned how to ski on. Learning how to ski on the Pure Joy was, in my opinion, critical to my development. There were definitely a few falls along the way, but these skis helped push me to become a better skier in all facets. For two years, the Pure Joy gave me the confidence to push myself further and further. The ride that these skis provide is forgiving, ideal for when I was just learning how to ride my edges and make stops. I feel confident saying that I would not be the skier I am today without having learned on a pair of the Head Pure Joys”.

The Head Joy Series is a favorite of a lot of women, and it’s pretty easy to see why. The combination of stability, smoothness and precision would have anybody excited. Whether you’re a beginner like Jami or a lifelong skier, there is a ski in the Joy series that will meet your demands.

To see all the skis Head has to offer, visit the Head Brand Page. Need help deciding what pair is right for you? See our Ski Buying Guide for expert advice.