The Blizzard Bonafide Skis have developed a legendary status among many in the ski community. Past years’ versions have been top-sellers across the country, often selling out by the time January rolls around each season, leaving some unfortunate skiers out in the cold, dreaming of hopping on these new sticks. This season the Bonafide gets a little bit of an update, while retaining much of the previous character that has built such a loyal following. Let’s take an in-depth look at the 2018 Blizzard Bonafide in all its glory.

What’s Back from 2017?

The principle construction of the Bonafide remains the same. Two full-length sheets of Titanium, along with another partial sheet underneath the binding platform for extra screw retention, help you power through anything on the mountain while maintaining stability. Blizzard’s Carbon Flipcore Construction reduces the total weight of the ski in comparison to other skis in its class and lowers the swing weight, allowing for less-fatiguing skiing. Directional Carbon inserts on the tip and tail also help reduce tip wobble that some heavily rockered skis are plagued with. Vertical sidewalls drive a tough edge into firm conditions and add even more torsional strength.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to what everyone really wants to hear: the new stuff.

What’s New with the Bonafide?

Fans of the Bonafide will notice some new tweaks to the ski this year. These aren’t your surface-level, bow-on-top changes either, but rather some exciting adjustments that will no doubt affect the way they ski. So, let’s get to it:

New Sidecut: The latest incarnation of the Bonafide brings a ton of energy compared to the longer-turning previous versions, making it a little more exciting to ski on the hardpack and bringing the ability to charge through those tricky conditions. The new sidecut of the Bonafide brings the turning radius down from 21m to 18m for a quicker, tighter turn on the frontside of the mountain without having to sacrifice any performance off the groomers. The tip has gained 2 mm of width and the tail has added 9mm of additional girth. This added sidecut in the tip allows the Bonafide to dive into turns, while the tail rips and grips the snow as you exit a turn.

New Rocker Profile: The new rocker profile is a case of addition by subtraction. By having a little less rocker in the tip and tail than before, the Bonafide helps you load the ski with energy, springing you into your next turn with power and force. While the new rocker profile would hypothetically hinder the ability of the ski in uber-soft, ultra-deep powder (we hope you get those days), the Bonafide delivers surprising flotation and crud-busting ability. Quicker, tighter turns really improve how the Bonafide skis when you’re tight in the trees.

Who is the Blizzard Bonafide For?

The Bonafide has always been a favorite ski for bigger, more aggressive skiers looking for the perfect one-ski-quiver for tearing down the hardpack, blowing through powder or skiing everything with a high rate of speed. The 2018 version is no exception to this. The Bonafide is not a finesse ski, but much more of a powerhouse for skiers that have the necessary weight, speed and technique, and who are willing to trade some extra weight for power and stability. If you like the idea of the 2018 Blizzard Bonafide but think that it may be too stiff or aggressive for you, check out the slightly-softer feel of the new 2018 Blizzard Rustler 10.

With a couple new wrinkles to the formula, the 98mm waist and rockered tip and tail chief among them, the 2018 Blizzard Bonafide skis fantastic on all terrain types on any mountain. Whether you are a hard charger, a big skier who has never been able to find stability in a one-ski-does-it-all or are looking to upgrade your earlier version of the Blizzard Bonafide, the 2018 adaptation could be the ski that takes you over the top.