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Backcountry Ski Gear Shopping Tips

When skiing in the backcountry there are certain pieces of gear that you simply need to take with you. This equipment is different than what you would use for a standard skiing trip so you will find all the backcountry ski gear in its own section. Here we will explain the most common pieces of backcountry gear and how to best shop for each one.


Transmitter Locator Beacon


Transmitter locator beacons are easily some of the most important pieces of backcountry ski gear. What a transmitter beacon will achieve is sending out a signal if you happen to get buried in an avalanche. This signal can be read by rescuers and ski patrol to easily find your whereabouts saving precious time when a search is necessary. These are also great pieces of backcountry ski gear as some will have additional features such as; Compass, altimeter, temperature display and more.


Climbing Skins


Climbing skins are common use in the backcountry; they attach to the underside of your skis to give you better grip. Their small packable size and immense benefit while trying to climb up the slope make them very easy to use and pack. In the backcountry ski gear section you will see several brands and styles of climbing skins so be sure to pay special attention to the sizes and features to find the right ones for you.


Airbag Packs


When in the backcountry it is always a good idea to bring a backpack with additional supplies but some of these packs can be additional supplies as well. Airbag packs are some of the greatest pieces of backcountry ski gear as they can help greatly in the event of an avalanche. If you find yourself in an avalanche while wearing an airbag pack you can deploy the packed airbags which will offer you an increase in flotation which can give you the edge you need when facing an avalanche.




A backcountry shovel is a foldable and packable shovel which can easily be accessed in an emergency. One of the most enjoyable things to do with a backcountry shovel is to build booters and jumps in the backcountry. What truly makes these important backcountry ski gear essentials are digging out anyone buried in an avalanche or building a snow shelter to protect against incoming weather. Most backcountry backpacks will offer a quick attachment for shovels so you can easily carry.


This simply explains some of the most commonly used backcountry ski gear. For more information please see our backcountry safety guide.




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