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Why Twin Tips are Cool


Twin tip skis are just about the most fun you can have on a mountain. Whether you're an adult, child, beginner, seasoned skier, or snowboarder, twin tips can introduce you to a whole new world on the mountain that you never even imagined. Not only are these skis versatile, but they also provide more freedom, more creativity, and more options on the hill, whether you're skiing fresh powder, a groomed run, hitting the moguls, or landing jumps at the terrain park.


Twin Tips: Not a Specific Ski but a Style of Tail


Twin tip skis are different from other skis in that they have a rounded and upwardly curved tail that matches the curve at the tip of the ski (hence the name twin tip, since there's a similar tip at both ends of the ski). By contrast, skis with a flat tail profile are turned up at the front but have a tail that’s flat and straight, and skis with a flared tail profile have a tail that’s slightly rounded and with only a minor upward curve. Have a look at the comparison below to see the difference in the tail profiles between twin tip, flat, and flared skis:


Twin Tip Skis Shapes


Because twin tips refer to the tail profile rather than the style of ski itself, you can actually buy a variety of alpine skis with twin tips, including:


  • Powder

  • All-mountain


Why Twin Tip Skis Are So Darned Fun


If you could shred a mountain covered with a foot of fresh powder, rip down a groomed run, or tear up the terrain park on skis that provided more stability and allowed for more creativity, then why wouldn’t you? The upturned tails on twin tip skis are designed specifically to let you take off from a jump facing forward or backward, allow you to land facing either direction, and some even make it so that you can ski backward.


Just as importantly, the design of twin tip skis also makes it easier to come out of a turn, which is especially important when you're hitting moguls. Moreover, twin tips are even great for beginners, because they make small jumps and pipes at the terrain park much more manageable.


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How Twin Tips Compare to Other Skis


All-mountain skis are great for so many different things, but here's a little secret: there's nothing you can do on all-mountains that you can't do on twin tips. The opposite, however, isn't true: there are plenty of things you can do on twin tips that you can't do on all-mountains, including landing gnarly jumps or shredding powder backward. Not to mention that twin tips are more versatile and frankly, more fun than other skis.


All-mountains perform well in most mountain conditions and can be used by most skiers with ease. Just about any twin tip that’s 100 mm at the waist is an ideal all-mountain ski (powder and backcountry skis typically range from 90 to 130 mm.) These can be used on groomed runs, on moguls, and in fresh snow, meaning you'll be able to enjoy the experience of making fresh tracks rather than struggling to stay afloat in the soft snow.


Racing skis, on the other hand, usually have a flat tail because they're specifically built for speed, aggressive carving, and grip. These skis are highly inflexible but very strong, and narrow but long, and this gives skiers great control at high speeds, even in sharp turns.


Best Places to Use Twin Tip Skis


Twin tip skis were originally created for terrain parks and half pipes, but these days they're used all over the mountain and all over the world. For instance, you'll find twin tips in Yuzawa, Japan, all over British Columbia, in Europe, and all over resorts and mountains right here in the United States. Today there are two different types of twin tips, directional and symmetrical, and the type you want depends on your intentions on the hill. Learn about the difference in the video below:



The Preferred Skis of Most Snowboarders


There are plenty of snow-lovers out there who switch between skiing and snowboarding, but some people tend to pick one sport and stick with it for life. But most snowboarders who decide to venture into skiing fall in love with twin tips. There's something about the freedom and versatility of these skis that really resonates with snowboarders, so we’d suggest looking for twin tips for sale if you want to test out a new way to explore the mountains.


If you love skiing, then you'll love twin tips. They're so lightweight and fun that once you try them, you probably won’t ever look back, and you'll probably never want to strap another ski to your foot. Along with being ideal for most mountain conditions, twin tips also make jumps and stunts more fun, allow you to release from turns with ease, and they're great for beginners, veterans, and snowboarders looking to try something new.

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