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Where to Go Snowshoeing


By Chris Gorski




Here is the most wonderful part about snowshoeing, if it’s covered in snow you can snowshoe there. Snowshoes are like the off road vehicles of the winter outdoor world. That being said, there are some places that are definitely more enjoyable to snowshoe depending on what you are looking for.


Going Snowshoeing


From Home: If you are planning on snowshoeing in a more urban environment, don’t be afraid to simply go snowshoeing around your neighborhood or the local park. These can often be wonderful and serene places just steps from your door. Also, if there are nature or biking trails around your house these are wonderful places to check out. You will most likely even have the first tracks!


Away From Home: If you are looking to get a little farther from your front porch, you may want to look into a Nordic center or cross country ski trail. These are often located in or near ski resorts. They often provide a series of groomed or cleared trails that offer beautiful scenery without having to hike into the back woods. If it is your first time snowshoeing, these are great places to learn.


State Parks: State parks also offer great places to go snowshoeing. Many times the trails that people hike in the summer are used as snowshoe trails in the winter. However, these trails can often times become crowded, so you may want to check ahead at the local ranger station about crowds. National parks offer much of the same.


Off the Beaten Path: Sometimes you just want to get away from it all. Hey we understand, we do it all the time. Making your own trails in the backcountry of a state or local park can offer some of the most beautiful and pristine views you will ever see on snowshoes. If you plan on blazing your own trail, be sure you check to make sure that you are not tracking on private or protected land. Also, be sure to have a map or a GPS with you in case you get turned around. If you plan on blazing your own trails in the mountains, be sure to check avalanche conditions and dangers before heading out. But for the most part, if you really want to get away, if it is snow covered, go for it!

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