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What to Eat When Snowshoeing




Snowshoeing burns between 500 and 900 calories per hour. That is a lot of energy. Therefore, you need to be sure to start and stay fueled while you are out on the trail. Picking the right foods can help make the most out of your day of snowshoeing.


Snowshoeing is an aerobic workout, so you will need lots of energy. If you plan on starting in the morning, be sure to eat a good breakfast to start out. Something warm and higher in carbohydrates that will keep you full is the best. Oatmeal is probably our favorite (instant or traditional your choice!) For added bonus energy, throw a scoop of peanut butter in their when you are making it. This may sound gross, but trust us, it tastes really good and gives you added energy!


Oatmeal - Great Morning Starter


Before you head out, packing the right food for the trail can keep you energized all day. What you want are foods that are high in energy but low in weight, as you will be carrying them with you all day. GORP or trail mix is the old stand-by because it contains nuts for fruit for long energy, and some chocolate for a short burst. Granola and energy bars are also a good snack to pack, as they are both healthy and pack a lot of energy into a little package. You can also carry some protein to mix it up. Items like beef jerky or salami can go a long way. Whatever you chose to pack, remember that you want high energy and low weight.


There are also items you should most definitely avoid. The first and most obvious are any items that take up a lot of room or are heavy. Items like yogurt, carrots, and lunch meat do not provide nearly as much energy as their aforementioned counterparts and can be heavy or susceptible to getting crushed while snowshoeing. Other items to avoid are item that are items that are high in sugar or fat content with little else to match. Candy bars (other than plain chocolate as this is good for quick energy), chips, and the like are very high in fat or sugar and do not offer much long term energy. Furthermore, these items are liable to make you cramp when exercising.


Bad Food for Snowshoeing


By trying to stick to high energy low weight foods, you will ensure a happy day on the trails. Oh, and don’t forget to bring and drink lots of water!

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