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Want Out Of Ski Rental Equipment? We Can Help!


By Steve Kopitz




You will feel more comfortable, warm and confident as you hit the slopes with your own ski set up and leave the rental line behind. Everyone knows rental equipment comes with a certain stigma, this is in most cases for a reason. Rental equipment can often be outdated and poorly maintained as it is used by so many skiers with so little time in between to service the equipment. Anyone who has ever worn a rental ski boot will tell you that a ski boot that has been on 200 other peoples feet is guaranteed not to give you a “great” fit upon yours. Rental skis also present another problem. Most resorts want there rental fleet to last at least 4-5 years, or even longer. In order to do this the rental skis need to be more durable than regular skis since they are used most every day. In order to accomplish this they have to make the skis much stiffer. Since most skis are rented to beginner to intermediate skiers,  this is the opposite of what they need. They need a softer more forgiving ski that is easier to turn. In order to solve this problem they will usually fit them shorter than they should. That’s bad because if you start on a ski that is too short and too stiff you will end up sliding and pushing your skis around rather than carving them. This will not only start a bad habit that may be hard to break but will also make it more difficult to learn to ski steeper faster runs. Here at we aim to get everyone and anyone out on new skis and out of rentals which is why we offer great deals on equipment so skiing can be in your future.


Get The Kiddies On The Slopes


Get them out there performing some pizza and french fries in no time as they just may find their new favorite activity in the winter. Got a rugged rumbler in the bunch? We have boys ski packages starting as low as $159.99 With cool stand out graphics and different options, your lil guy can get out and learn the basics. Don’t forget the girls! We have the more feminine side covered too, girls ski packages start at $169 and will have her up carving to her delight on her favorite new skis. The best part of these packages is that they are complete with skis, bindings and boots, all you need to supply is the skier! Children will feel more comfortable having the ownership of their own equipment which will perform the same every time they hit the slopes, great for learning.


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Time for the adults to hit the slopes


Bring winter back, remember the slopes? There is no better feeling than grabbing your skis and hitting the local hill and having a do something day. You too can grab your skis and get out of those long and cold rental lines missing the action you could be having on the hill. With adult ski packages starting as low as $309.99 with skis, bindings and boots there is no longer a reason not to take ownership. Get the amount of fun and activity in the winter as you desire and treat yourself to more do something days with your new skis.


Visit our ski shop today and start your adventures, we will walk to the hill with you and as we pass the rental line maybe we will pass the secret on too, See ya on the slopes.


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