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Volkl Viola Womens Skis with Marker 4 Motion 10.0 Essenza Bindings

$825.00 (45% off)
Volkl Viola Womens Skis with Marker 4 Motion 10.0 Essenza Bindings
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$825.00 (45% off)
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Sku#: 272765P

Best Use: Frontside skis are narrow for carving on-trail

Frontside skis are narrow for carving on-trail

Width: Narrow - ideal for on-trail – hardpack & groomed conditions

Narrow - ideal for on-trail – hardpack & groomed conditions

Rocker Profile: Tip Rocker/Camber skis for edge hold; easy turn initiation

Tip Rocker/Camber skis for edge hold; easy turn initiation


The Volkl Viola is a new ski in their redesigned womens Essenza line. It is perfect ski for the intermediate to advanced skier that likes to spend her time making short to medium radius turns on the groomers. The Viola utilizes Volkl's women's specific Bio-Logic Technology which addresses stance, geometry and flex. A more level stance requires less overloading of the quad muscles, which feel the most strain in a turn. Bio-Logic side cuts are wider in the tip, and narrower in the tail then mens skis, causes the ski to have a tighter radius in the tip of the ski and a longer radius in the tail. This shape causes the skier to complete the turn with less effort, reducing the load on the knees. Tip rocker makes the ski more maneuverable in any snow condition. The Bio-Logic flex is stiffer in the shovel of the ski, for quick turn initiation, and softer in the tail causing you to exit the turn easier, resulting in more control. The Bio-Logic xTRALight core uses lighter weight Palencia materials with channels that are milled out of the bottom shed weight and add a snappy, poppy performance. A very quick turning ski the new Volkl Viola is a perfect ski for women who want a ski that will spend most of her time blazing down the groomers.


Skill Range: AdvancedIntermediate-Advanced


  • xTRALight Dual Wood Core
  • XTD Transmission Construction
  • Tip Rocker with Camber Underfoot
  • Bio-Logic Technology

Ski Gear Intended Use  All Mountain Bindings Included  Yes What Binding is Included?  Marker 4 Motion 10.0 Essenza
Binding DIN  3-10 Binding Weight Range  90-190 lbs Tip/Waist/Tail Widths  124/74/95 (@155cm)
Tail Profile  Flared Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length  14.8 (@155cm) Construction Type  Cap
Core Material  Wood Warranty  One Year Skill Range 
Model Year  2013 Model Number  112271.141 Product ID  272765
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Love them!.

out of 5

Great set up!
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Q: I am 5 ft 4 in and weigh 120. I ski mostly blues on groomed runs. This seems like a compatible ski - is the 148 a good length?
Asked : Jan 07, 2014
By : Amy, oregon
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A: At your height, weight, and preferred terrain the 148cm length would be great for you right now. If you were looking to continue progress and push your skiing further a 150-155cm length would add extra stability at speed and performance across the board.
Answered : Jan 08, 2014
By : Thom, Product Specialist
Q: I am on Volkl Vertigo Motions 167. I ski all snow conditions but have toned my skiing down to enjoying the powder and groomed slopes. I need a ski that can cut crud and give a good ride on powder days. I am 5"3 and 115 lbs. Would this ski Viola work for me and if so what length would you suggest?
Asked : Dec 26, 2013
By : G
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: At your height and weight, considering you were previously skiing a 167, I would not size any shorter than a 154cm length. Ideally you could size down to something in the 154-160cm range. From what you have said the Viola should work perfectly for you, however, we are sold out of the Viola in anything bigger than a 148cm length. Other good options from Volkl would be the 2014 Viola or the 2014 Chiara, both at a 155cm length.
Answered : Dec 30, 2013
By : Thom, Product Specialist
Q: I am 5 ft 3 in and weigh 136. I ski half blacks and half blue mostly on groomed but some powder, Pease recommend a ski length.
Asked : Dec 23, 2013
By : victoria, StGeorge, Utah
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: With the shape of this ski, at your weight and height I would suggest that you go with the 155cm length. The added stability and floatation of the 155 will really shine on steeper runs and at medium to higher speeds, offering great stability and control. Also, with the rocker profile of this ski, the 155 will still be easy to ski at slower speeds and maintain control in more technical terrain.
Answered : Dec 24, 2013
By : Thom, Product Specialist
Q: I am a 5' 10" 150lb 52 yo skier that will ski on the groomed slopes, often icy, in the East. I am an advanced skier. Would this be a good choice? What Size? What about the Volkl Yumi or the Rossignol Temptation 88?
Asked : Dec 19, 2013
By : Ski Bear, West Virginia
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: Based on the information you have provided the Viola would be a great ski for you. It is bit more narrow underfoot, making a a natural on hardpack with great edge hold. Volkl skis generally offer strong edge hold and a predictable feel on packed and icy snow. Unless you ski aggressively the majority of the time you are on the slopes the Viola should be more than supportive enough for you to enjoy yourself. In this ski the 162cm length would suit you best. With the Volkl Yumi you are stepping up to the ski that you should be on if you are an aggressive skier. It is built on a traditional sidewall construction with metal, meaning it takes more effort to ski, but gives the skier much better edge hold, a more precise feel, and much more stability when moving at higher speeds. If this sounds more like you the Yumi would be the correct ski for you. Sizing here would be the 161cm. The Rossignol Temptation 88 is very similar in concept to the Yumi, but without the metal, making it a more snappy ski, but not having he same level of high end stability. It offers the same precision as the Yumi but with more forgiveness. The 162cm would be correct with the T88.
Answered : Dec 19, 2013
By : Thom, Product Specialist
Q: I have been renting Salomon Origins Intense Black demo skis and have really liked those. I wanted to see if these were comparable as I am looking to buy but the Origins Intense Black are no longer available for sale new. I have been renting 151 and had no problems handling them. I am roughly 115 lbs and 5'4" tall. If these skis are not comparable, do you have any recommendations? Thanks!
Asked : Dec 12, 2013
By : Michelle
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: The Viola is similar to the Intense Black. They are both designed to be strong on trail performers that are both easy to ski while offering great edge grip and control. They will have a slight difference in feel as the Viola will have a slightly more "damp" feel, which allows it to perform better on firm or icy snow. At your size, with the rocker that the Viola has, the 155cm length would be a perfect fit for you.
Answered : Dec 16, 2013
By : Thom, Product Specialist
Q: Looking to buy and save money before Feb vacation so need to buy before I try. . Have only ever hiredbefore, skied on K2 Luv series and the odd Volkl. Usually only ski once a year for a few days so this will be the first long ski vacation I am good intermediate 125lbs 164 cms and was thinking these Viola could be a good buy so I can improve my skiing in aspen any thought
Asked : Oct 05, 2013
By : Sarah, Melbourne
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: Based on the height, weight and skill level you provided, I would recommend the 148cm Volkl Viola skis. They would be long enough to provide you with a challenge and allow you room to grow into them skillwise, while still being short enough for you to control now with ease.
Answered : Oct 07, 2013
By : Dru, Customer Care
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