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Ugg Boots – A Classic


By. Marcia Jeffries




UGG – a goofy sounding name that most all are very familiar with. UGG boots have been popping up in big cities and small towns all over, and in every level of society. When winter comes along, UGG boots are in ski shops and are seen in lodges from Mammoth to Aspen. The UGG brand began to symbolize those who embraced sport and a relaxed, active lifestyle. Although everybody has embraced the taste for UGG Boots, there is an emotional connection and a true feeling of love between you and your UGG Boot. People didn’t just like wearing UGG boots, they fell in love with them and literally could not take them off. Celebrities and those in the fashion world take notice of the UGG brand as they sport around in them on a regular basis. A cultural shift has occurred as well - people are embracing, and feeling empowered, by living a more casual lifestyle and UGG became one of the symbols of this lifestyle. Authorized UGG Dealer


The UGG Australia story begins with one magical material, sheepskin. The mastery of this distinctive material in the fine craft of boot and shoemaking is deeply ingrained in their history, it's what defines UGG. By fashioning boots and adding accessories using the finest available leathers and suede’s – UGG delivers luxurious comfort that is truly one of a kind and cannot be equaled by any ordinary material. Only the highest quality Twinface sheepskin available is the finest and truly the perfect material to help create The UGG Boot, softness and warmth are like no other. So naturally do you have the continuous feel of cool/breathable and warmth at the same time. UGG is so all about being able to bring together cozy and cutting edge in a single pair. Once you have experienced this wondrous material, you'll understand why you have to feel it to believe it.


UGG brings out the best in shearling and that is a feat that UGG is proud to stand behind. UGG has worked with, tested, improved and pushed the limits of this amazing material, and through this, has done more with it than any other designer. Their design team believes in the durability, comfort and style inherent in every piece of sheepskin. Designing and crafting footwear in sheepskin takes a patience and creativity unknown to working with other materials but the results are a distinct style that suits casual, fun and weekend apparel.


UGG Australia


Besides looking as cool and cute as UGG Boots do, the fact is; you are stepping into amazing softness, coziness, comfort and warmth with a style and character that is beyond our desires. The Ugg Boot doesn’t have to try to compete with others – they are over the top in every way, keeping their classic statement as they mix it up a bit always offering you more and better. Go to to view an endless selection of UGG Boots – there is something there for all.

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