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Think Snow When It’s Hot!


By. Marcia Jeffries




Plan ahead for your winter fun!


The selections and values are abundant! You can shop for pre-season, close-out deals and last season goods as the selection is great. The off-season shopping spree is usually when you can find really great deals, especially at specialty stores and on line with lots of inventory.


The best time to buy new Ski and Snowboard equipment and apparel is between late winter and early fall. Ski Shops offer incredible deals on their current year’s equipment to clear out summer inventory and make room for next years models.


Skiing Action Shots


Be sure to take in consideration all your needs and wants, get expert advise and assistance with fit, comfort, size, level of experience, often usage, quality, durability and warranty on products. You have options to shop for your goods – the conventional specialty shops or on line where the selection is extensive. When you shop on line you will receive personal attention – buying guides, sizing charts, explanation of equipment, check lists, reviews and videos, competitive pricing, expansive selection and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. is home for all of the above mentioned!


Put together a plan that works for you! As you are ahead of the game - set aside your savings for the upcoming winter season to allow yourself to practice and enjoy the amazing sport of Skiing and Snowboarding.


Now – Go enjoy fun in the sun – knowing you are Good-To-Go when the first snow hits the slopes!


Relaxing Beach Sunset