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The Charlift Beef Jerky Incident



January 11th, 2010




In any snowboarders career we all have many stories of chairlift experiences, memories, meeting different people and…. beef jerky, right? Well on’s most recent trip riding, we met some cool people, had some great experiences and then there was the most humorous incident which included some beef jerky, some jibbing and many laughs. Let’s dive in.


On the chair ahead of Ian and I were our friends and fellow employees Ron, Jenna and Steve-o, we were taking one of the longer chairs at Schuss so we had some time. Ron decided to pull out some beef jerky he had purchased earlier in the day, a bigger zip tight type bag. In pulling the bag out of his jacket he leaned over to Steve and said “would you like some of my meat” then the bag slipped out of Rons hands and started to fall quickly to the run below. Ron yelled the most disappointed and loud “OH NO!” I have ever heard. The bag fell to the ground, hit perfectly on its bottom, and beef jerky flew everywhere. Both our chair and the guilty chair ahead busted out in laughter, from the chair behind it was a truly funny scene. Needless to say Ron was very disappointed but eager to get to the top to try to retrieve his meat on the next run down, let the games begin.


By the time Ron had stated he was going to try to retrieve his meat Steve-o had already gotten himself strapped in and said “I’m going to jib your meat!” With that being said Steve-o was off and down the hill leaving Ron’s jerky in definite harms way. The next one off down the hill was Ian with Ron, Jenna and myself not too far behind. Upon getting to the bottom of the run Steve-o was already at the bottom, bag of jerky in hand and an immense grin upon his face. Ian actually slowed to jib and swith 180 the pieces of jerky that were still on the hill which went flawless, if there was a beef jibbing contest Ian would have won.


In many trips a single happening becomes the story which the trip is based around, with the group we had this story makes sense as a headliner for our trip. The moral of this story is that an unfortunate happening turned into a humorous situation and a group morale booster as we were all laughing and having a good time with the incident, even the beef dropper Ron. In many situations it is in how you handle it that can make something a good or bad experience, so next time you drop your beef jerky on the chairlift, don’t get mad, get jibbing!



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