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That Boy Got Robbed!


December 7th, 2011



The snowboard competitions are definitely not for everyone.  However, the fact remains that these competitions get a ton of attention.  This creates more snowboarders which pull in more revenue for our beloved brands.  But there’s something funny going on here.  Well, at least that’s what it seems.  Are the more popular riders getting a friendly bump in scores?  When you see riders like Louie Vito doing what very few riders do like two consecutive double corks from the get-go and get a low “you got robbed son!” score, you have to wonder what’s up.



What about style?  Lately, it seems all that judges care about is amplitude and the amount of corks you can do.  What about Kazu Kokubo’s signature chicken wing McTwist?  That is easily one of the most steezed out tricks in snowboarding that doesn’t get much love from the judges.  There was a time in snowboarding competitions when style played a huge role in judging.  Those days seem to be all but gone.  This might be the very reason why most “core” riders watch snowboard films rather than competitions.  Snowboard movies are still all about style and just old fashioned brass balls.  It’s just fun to watch your favorite riders come up with sick ways to shred the urban scene.  It’s fun to watch your favorite rider tackle a huge line. A line that you would never dare try.  I guess this is the result when riders don’t have the pressure to learn a specific trick like say… a double cork.




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