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That’s a Nice Pickle You’ve Got There


August 26th, 2009

 Gnu Park Pickle

Brand new for the 2010 season is the Gnu Park Pickle. The Park Pickle will be the first board of its kind to ever hit the snow and although technical information is still somewhat limited, we are going to give you all the inside facts.


The first question is what makes this board unique? The Park Pickle’s design is based off the idea that heel side turns require more leverage than toe side turns. Because of this need for increased leverage, the Park Pickle will have a deeper side cut on the heel side. This means that the degree of side cut will be more severe, allowing the heel side to catch quicker and more efficiently. Additionally, the Park Pickle will feature Gnu’s Banana and Magnetraction technology, allowing it superior hold, spin, and butter capabilities. Combine this with true twin shape and centered stance, which allows the board to ride perfect in either a goofy or traditional stance, and you have one hell of a park board. It is specifically designed to accommodate the common duck stance that most park riders use. Additionally, the park pickle will feature double sintered UHMW sidewalls for durability and dampening, an AGA2, quasi glass wood core and a 9900 sintered alloy base which will make it durable and very fast. This board is going to rip!


Additionally, the Park Pickle has some hidden features. Always hand built, Gnu has taken green technology to a new level with the Park Pickle. The entire board is made from environmentally friendly woods and construction techniques. The graphic was designed by Gnu creative executive Pinski. In order to get the graphic just right, Pinski actually scanned a huge pickle from the deli. (We have no idea if this is true, but it is what Gnu claims!)


The Park Pickle will only be released in a batch of 300 this season. Talk about limited edition! Most other boards are produced in numbers 10 times that. For size runs, the Park Pickle should be available in a 159, 156, 153, 150, and 147. It will also be available in a 159 wide and 156 wide for you guys with big feet. Reviews from test riders, both inside Gnu and from our own testing team have nothing but rave reviews. Pete Saari, VP of Marketing at Mervin adds his input by saying, “The Park Pickle achieves perfect balance through asymmetry, a deeper sidecut and asymmetric core on the heel edge balances your foots asymmetry and the different turn mechanics between heel and toe turns. Twin Asymmetric Banana Magnetraction design is the future of all terrain freestyle performance snowboards. Pickle Power!” If you want to get your mits on a Pickle don’t slack because as I stated earlier they are limited and are sure to be in high demand this winter season.


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