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Tecnica Moon Boots ROCK


By. Marcia Jeffries




You know the saying history repeats itself? Well, style does too! In the 1970s popular manufacturer, Tecnica, created a special type of boot called Moon Boots. From then on, they became a unique fashion trend that lasted throughout the 1980s. And in 1978, the company even trademarked the name “Moon Boot”.


Pink Tecnica Moon Boot

It is now 2010 and Moon Boots have made a strong comeback. These boots have remained popular as they have been scattered on the feet of many throughout the 2000s. Moon Boots are modeled after what astronauts wear in space – just this version is more colorful and trendy. is hip on the latest fashion crazes and as a result, we have provided you with several different Moon Boot options. For starters, fun, bold color options are up for grabs. With a fun bubble, white font offset by a hot pink or purple base, you will certainly stand out amongst the crowd. The rounded toe and comfy rubber sole make these boots easy to wear too. It will feel like you are walking on the moon. Well, most of us don’t know that actual feeling, but we can imagine it feels light and airy.


If a little bit of extra pizzazz is to your liking, then the deluxe moon boots will be perfect. The outer shell of this boot option is created with glitter. Yes. That’s right – glitter    ! Or to keep up with the animal print theme that’s swarming the fashion world, stick with the Tecnica Crocodile Moon Boots. These are fabulous as the outer portion is created with a crocodile skin embellished pattern.


Tecnica has truly created a winning boot that looks like it will be here to stay. Check out our entire moon boot collection and other Tecnica products! 


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