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Stretching Before Snowshoeing


By Chris Gorski




Like any sport, it is important to warm up before you head out. Snowshoeing is no exception. In fact, because snowshoeing requires higher than usual step and is performed in relatively cold weather, stretching for snowshoeing is even more important than usual.


Stretching for Snowshoeing


When performing sports in cooler weather your muscles have a tendency to become even tighter than they usually are. Therefore, we recommend a series of lower body and leg stretched before heading out. To begin, start by stretching your hamstrings. Standing with your feet 6 inches, bend as far as you can and attempt to touch your toes. Your hamstrings are the usually the first muscle to get tight when you head out. Next, stretch your quads by balancing on one leg, raising your other leg and grabbing your ankle. Next, be sure to stretch your calf’s. The best way to stretch your calf is to raise the front of your foot and prop it against a wall. Then slowly press down, adding pressure and stretching your calf. Lastly, be sure to stretch your groin. To stretch your groin, sit on the ground with your feet in front of you. Then turn your feet and bring them together until the bottoms touch. Grab your ankles and slowly pull your feet in towards your groin.


You should try and stretch for at least 10 minutes. This will greatly help to prevent crampsStretch for 10 Minutes and pulled muscles. It will also allow you to have better stamina, as your muscles will not need to work as hard. Finally, stretching will help your muscles be less sore the following day. Stretching will help you truly enjoy the sport more, as nobody likes to have cramped and sore muscles.