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Snowboards | What’s New and Hot This Year


October 15th, 2010



The snowboarding season is coming up quickly and the new snowboards are looking oh so fresh and so clean. With so much choices out there for snowboards we decided to take a quick minute to add our .02 cents in what’s new, hot and worthy of a double take. So sit back, relax and get ready to indulge in some of the best for the 2010-2011 snowboard season.



Lib tech Skate Banana BTX:


Ok, it’s not new but come on, it the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX.. it’s definitely hot! This park and jib snowboard offers a fun catch free design mixed with the magne traction sidecut everyone’s come to love.


Why you should care:


By using rocker in the center of the board while keeping the profile flat under-foot you are able to maintain pop while having a playful catch free board.


How much quid is this going to set me back:




Final thought:


Gives the feel of a skateboard on snow, nuff said.






Forum Destroyer ChillyDog:


Destroy whatever lays in your way with continuous rocker which is based off a circle so you don’t have to deal with any flat spots. This means you can land a trick even if it’s sketchy, but then you have to march to the top and do it again not sketchy soldier!


Why you should care:


Forum added booter boosters in the tip and tail which are carbon strands that give you that extra pop even if you had too many adult pops and don’t have the muster.


How much cabbage is this going to set me back: $429.99


Final thought: More POP and a reduced swing weight, oh and it has a skull on it which is pretty Bob Gnarly.





Burton Hate Restricted:


Put down the Hatorade and get some raw park power in the Burton Hate snowboard. With a mean look and a mild price this board really throws down with the top guns without totally scraping out your cafeteria or bar budget.


Why you should care:


For a jib board the Hate offers frostbite edges so you can have great edge-hold even on a softer ride. Burton also added jumper cables in the tip and tail for added pop so you can feel like a rockstar.


How much scrilla is this going to set me back: $349.95


Final thought: It’s part of the Burton Restricted line so every johnny jib-stick won’t be stealing your style.






K2 Fastplant:


“Hippies love it” The K2 Fastplant offers a BamBooYah core made from renewable Bamboo that is completely Eco friendly as well as incredibly durable, flexible and offers a massive amount of POP! The skateboard inspired design is enough to get anybody excited and the bamboo will have Al Gore screaming from the rooftops.


Why you should care:


The Jib rocker offers 80% flat with 20% rocker making it versatile enough to ride park, freestlye or just lay some tracks in fresh corduroy. You can be the first of your buddies to “go green” on the hill thus making the ladies dig you.


How much moolah is this going to set me back: $499.95


Final thought: 5 YEAR WARRANTY! Yeah, that’s not a misprint. It’s bamboo, do you think you will ever need to use the warranty?






Burton TWC Standard:


Do you have a small man crush on Shaun White but don’t need the super stiff pro model he rides on? Well, look no further than the TWC standard from Burton with the same looks but a lighter flex. Offering EZV rocker to give an easy going catch-free rocker so you can effortless go edge to edge making it great to learn and progress on.


Why you should care:


Absolutely great value for a beginner to intermediate board with ample amounts of style. This all mountain snowboard gets the job done offers some float for powdery conditions but can handle the groomers with ease making it a threatening board for all conditions.


How much scratch is this going to set me back: $299.95


Final thought: Great value for a Burton Shaun White model board, red hair is an added charge.








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