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Snowboard Screws Coming Loose, Let Us Help


November 22nd, 2009





Spend less time working on your snowboard bindings and more time snowboarding by making sure your binding screws do not come loose. Here we will go over a few pointers to make sure your snowboard screws stay in your snowboard like they should and not on your local snowboarding hill like they should not.


  • Always check your screws prior to going snowboarding for the day, they will work themselves loose through daily boarding and use. Tighten them hand tight without too much torque as you can damage the heli-coil which is what the screw threads into.



  • Always carry a tool with you. You never know when something may malfunction but can always be ready with a multi tool. Multi tools are inexpensive and can make you a hero on the local hill. Maxing out around $15.oo, these tools can fit into any snowboarders budget.



  • Carry extra screws with you. Screws for snowboards can be like gold on a trip, the last thing you want is to be sidelined with equipment issues. Most snowboard screws are universal but it is always a good idea to verify the fit before ordering or buying.



  • Use Loctite threadlocker which goes on the end of the snowboard screws and will help apply extra hold as you shred. You can find this at your local hardware store or online searching Loctite threadlocker. Using the “blue” or medium strength will secure yet not completely fasten your screws to your snowboard. Snowboard screws come with this on them when you purchase your board. The original will wear off and you can re-apply by putting a little on the tip of the screw before assembly.


These are tried and true tips on taking care of your snowboard screws which we hope you find helpful while you have a great season with many more to come. Snowboarding is all about getting as many turns in as possible and constantly taking steps to make that happen, whether we are swapping bindings and tightening screws or building epic kickers in the backcountry, it’s all snowboarding and snowboarding is fun.



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