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Snowboard boots come in a few different lacing options, including traditional lace as well as convenience systems such as quick lace and boa.

Traditional Lace boots are your standard lace up boot that you would tie up like a shoe. They use durable snowboard boot laces and are the most simplistic design.

Quick Lace is an option that many brands execute differently, but usually involves some kind of pull cord that gives you leverage over tightening your boot and generally gets you in and out quickly.

Dual Boa is a system utilized by various brands. It has two dials that work with a cable that allow you to quickly tighten the upper and lower zones of the boot. Loosen your upper or lower zone of your boot by simply popping the dial out to release.

Boa is a system of itself that various brands utilize. It is a dial that works with a cable and allows you to quickly tighten or loosen your boot by simply turning the dial or popping it out to release.

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