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Snowboard Bag Shopping Tips

Snowboard bags are easy to carry and offer an easy way to store and transport your snowboard. Available from many brands in many colors, styles, and sizes there is a bag to accommodate short snowboards, long snowboards and anything in between. There are many brands, colors, and styles of snowboarding bags available so you can add your personal touch of style to the bag you choose. The main three things to keep in mind when shopping for a new snowboard bag is the bag’s length, the padding the bag offers, and any additional pockets found on the bag.


To make sure you get the correct size in a snowboard bag you will want to account for the size of the snowboard you will be putting in the bag. Snowboard bag lengths are going to mimic board sizes, so a bag that is 160 cm will fit any board up to a size 160 cm. It may be best to buy a bag a little too big in case you get a slightly larger board at a later date or need to transport a board that is slightly larger. Some snowboard bags are adjustable which means they will be able to accommodate more than one size of snowboard. These bags will have a maximum adjustability though, so be sure to match the bag’s max size with the size of your snowboard.


Another feature of many snowboard bags is padding of some sort. Padding found on most bags is put in place to protect the snowboard and any other gear you are transporting in the bag. Snowboard bags come partially padded, fully padded, and some are not padded at all. Most bags will have some sort of padding but some cheaper “sleeve” style bags will be simply that, a non padded sleeve style bag for the snowboard. If you travel a lot and have people handling your board bag a lot, we highly recommend a padded snowboard bag.


Snowboard bags hold a snowboard, this much we know. But many snowboard bags also offer other pockets which can help keep odds and ends depending on the size of the pockets. Some snowboarding bags have interior pockets which work great to keep tools and spare parts, and some bags will offer large outer pockets great for hats, gloves, and more.


Most snowboard bags are meant to hold the snowboard with bindings attached, and the majority of bags can actually fit a board with bindings with another snowboard deck without bindings as well. The bag can get heavy when doubled up so when thinking of how much you will be carrying, be sure to take into account the bag’s straps or if the bag comes with wheels or not.



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