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Snow conditions looking good for 2009-2010 season


By Steve Kopitz




If you’re anything like me, snow days are what you live for. Days of snow chained tires, closed down schools, and treacherous roads.  Unlike those who make themselves prisoners of the inside on days like this we just hope the roads to the local hill are passable. Well for the 2009/10 snow sports season things are looking up for those of us who cannot wait for a “snow day.”


The NOAA predicts El Nino (good snow) for the 2009/10 snow sport season. The NOAA is the National Oceanographic and Atmosphere Administration and they are stating the climate is in an “El Nino” condition now and that this condition is expected through the 2009-2010 season.  In the past El Nino winters, both 1995/96 and 2005/06, snow levels for those seasons were excellent.


The amount of snowfall can change during different times of the winter depending on if these El Nino or La Nina conditions exist in the equatorial pacific. Northwest, Northeast, Ohio Valley, Midwest and Northern Texas experience the most significant changes in snowfall.


Excitement is filling the air amongst the community of snowsports enthusiasts as the season gets closer and closer and the air gets colder and colder. If the snow falls like the NOAA is predicting and we have a great winter, will you be ready, I will.



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