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Snow Blades are Fun on The Slopes


By. Marcia Jeffries




Winter is here! I’m speaking from the Eastern States; we just recently got hit with fresh snow!


Most of us will enjoy the winter sports that come along with the fresh snow – such as: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding and skiing on Snow Blades.


Snow Blader Action Shot


I’m here to share updated information about Snow Blades – they are a sweet addition of the choices we have to entertain ourselves with winter outdoor activities.


Some of the differences between skis and Snow Blades: similar to ski shape (although shorter in length), a bit of a different stance going down the hill with a shorter ski, a shorter plank stays better attached if you take a spill, easier to get back up, great for carving, best usage on groomed hills, slower speeds, worn with standard ski boots, ability to do tricks and provides great fun and easy to use.



Experience a different way of skiing on shortened skis, expand your horizons as you develop the likes of a new fascinating winter adventure. Snow Blades provide you with such fun and a lot of action.


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