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The rocker profile refers to the shape of the ski’s base when you look at its profile, or from the side. Skis can have camber, rocker, or a combination of the two. Each combination will add a specific feel to the skis.

Camber skis have the most traditional shape with the center of the ski raised when the ski is laying flat on the ground un-weighted. They provide the most edge hold, stability and rebound for on trail skiing.

Tip Rocker/Camber skis have rockered tip with camber on the rest of the ski. Rocker initiates a turn quickly, while camber provides stability. Most all mountain skis have this type of rocker profile.

Rocker/Camber/Rocker skis have rocker in the tips and tails. Rockered tips initiate turns quicker and float better in soft snow while camber provides stability and edge grip. Rocker in the tail releases the ski from turns easier for developing skiers, and provides better maneuverability off trail. This combination is the most versatile for on and off trail skiing.

Rocker/Flat/Rocker skis have rocker in the tip and tail with zero camber on the majority of the ski. They are best used for freestyle/park skiing for their playfullness and pop, or big mountain skiing for edge hold at very high speeds.

Full Rocker skis have a U shape to them with the base of the ski flat on the ground while the tip and tails rise up. Fully rockered skis are most used in powder skis for the best flotation and a surfy, playful feel. An increasing number of all mountain skis are starting to use this shape for versatility.

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