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Frontside Skis have narrower waists that are designed to make skidded or carved turns on the trails and groomers only. Our selection of Frontside Skis includes models for beginners to experts. For the most part these skis are under 85mm wide.

All Mountain Skis are designed to do everything on the slopes with the ability to take on just about any condition that the mountain will throw at you. All Mountain skis are popular because they perform equally well in most conditions. With waist widths that range from 85mm-95mm they spend most of their time on the trail, but can head just about anywhere on the mountain.

All Mountain Wide Skis are the perfect blend for skiers looking for one set of skis with all mountain performance and the ability to float through the powder like a pro. These types of skis have waist widths that are 96mm underfoot or wider and are more at home off trail in the softer snow.

Powder Skis have lots of rocker and waist widths over 111mm underfoot. These qualities allow for maximum flotation and stability in the deep stuff.

Alpine Touring Skis can have a range of waist widths, but are designed with equal abilities for going up by either hiking or skinning, and skiing down through fresh snow. They usually are extremely lightweight.

Freestyle Skis are for high flying skiers that enjoy spending as much time in the air or on park features as they do on the snow. Most have twin tips that can ski forwards and backwards.

Race Skis are designed to be going as fast as you can at all times from the start house to the finish line.

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