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Ski and Snowboard Helmet Bill in CA Approved


By Chris Gorski




Children under 18 skiing and snowboarding in California will be a little safer on the slopes next year by law. A new law approved by the Senate Health Committee will require all children under 18 to wear a helmet while skiing or snowboarding. Senator Leland Yee received approval of bill SB 880 which closely models itself after the existing law requiring a helmet to be worn while riding a bicycle.


The law applies only to minors skiing and snowboarding in California and would hold the minors’ parents responsible if they are caught without a helmet. A fine no more than $25 would be imposed on the parents of the child skiing or snowboarding without using a helmet.


I love wearing my helmet!

I love wearing my helmet!


Personally I believe this is a step in the right direction, children may see wearing a helmet as “not cool” and may feel this encroaches on their style but as an avid snowboarder whom wears a helmet this comes as a relief. I wear a helmet myself and I do so for many reasons, not only to protect against myself being out of control but to protect against other skiers or boarders that may cross my path in or out of control. The growing number of participants in our great sports is making it more populated and more dangerous when you hit the slopes meaning the likelihood of a crash whether it be small or large is greatly increasing.


California is going in the right direction passing this bill making it safer on the slopes for every skier and snowboarder and we hope that more states follow. As many may oppose this law we believe there will be many more supporters, where do you fall?


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