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Ski Training on Skates


By Steve Kopitz




If you're a skiing junky like me, there is a part of you that doesn't like seeing the snow melt away and the ski resorts close up for the season. And while winter gets kick started in other parts of the world, it just isn't monetarily feasible to jettison around the world to ski in those places, unless you're a billionaire of course. It's probably a safe assumption to also say that the majority of everyone else enjoys seeing the snow melt away and the mercury rise on the thermometer. But if you just can't get enough skiing, the product below is a way that you can continue to train for skiing even when the summer heat hits.

Now before you start hunting down equipment that will allow you to train for skiing in the summer I must caution you that inline skating, even with this specialized equipment, is still different from a mechanics standpoint than skiing. You will want to be careful of developing skating-specific movements that do not exist when on skis; otherwise you may hurt your skiing style. For example, you may weight your feet differently from turn-to-turn, you may begin using step movements, or even compromise your posture to an A-Frame posture, which is not the same as a skiing posture. Issues such as these can be handled with some patience and attention, but I want you to be aware that they do exist.

Roller Skis are a great way to keep in shape between ski seasons

If you'd rather not hunt down special equipment such as this, you can still make great use of your regular inline skates, if you own a pair, for ski training purposes. Practice with cone courses that have tight turning radii, or simply do some conditioning style skating to improve strength and endurance.

If you're an avid skier you will find that this is a great way to keep your mind off of the days until the lifts start running in November. Remember that above all else, you should be having fun when you are skating. Make certain you wear your protective gear and stay within your abilities.

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