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Choosing an accurate ability level will match you with the appropriate equipment.

beginner skiers are first timers or someone very new to the sport that is still learning basic control.

An intermediate skier is someone that has control over their skis at moderate speeds, but still skis cautiously on more challenging terrain. Athletic beginners will benefit from boots designed for intermediate skiers because they are more responsive.

Advanced intermediates are more experienced skiers that have good basic technique. Some advanced intermediate skiers will start to explore off trail skiing and making more aggressive carves on groomers. They are generally comfortable skiing at moderate speeds on advanced trails in optimal snow conditions.

An advanced skier is capable of maintaining solid technique on advanced terrain in most snow conditions. Advanced skiers, ski in control at higher speeds but do not always ski aggressively.

Expert skiers are capable of skiing safely and in control using proper ski technique at high speeds on any terrain. Expert skiers are ready to aggressively attack the mountain regardless of snow conditions.

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