Ski Bags

Types of Ski Bags

When you go to purchase a new ski bag you soon notice it’s not as simple as it seems to find the perfect skiing bag. There are many options when it comes to ski bags including hard or soft exteriors, many sizes to choose from, and many other features you never thought of suddenly become the most important thing you are looking for. At we stock a wide selection of ski bags from the no frills one ski carrier to the beefed up hard case that will fit several sets of skis. You can find great deals from your favorite brands with bags from Athalon, Atomic, Dakine, K2, Salomon, Sportube, The North Face, Volkl and more.


There are going to be 3 main style of ski bags to choose from when shopping; wheeled ski bags, non-wheeled ski bags, or a hard case ski bag.


Wheeled ski bags are great for those taking long trips or taking trips often. The wheels on the ski bag allows you to simply pull around your skis with very little effort. More expensive than their non-wheeled brethren these bags are an investment but once you make the investment you will not regret it.


Non-wheeled ski bags are going to be great for skiers going back and forth to their local mountain and not carrying their gear for a long distance. Great for protection as well as transport a non-wheeled ski bag will keep the cost down from wheeled versions making them great choices when on a budget.


Hard case ski bags are the choice for those going to new destinations all the time and taking their skis along with them on many of their flights. A hard case ski bag keeps your skis safe while in transport and can be easily locked with a padlock. Available for single sets of skis or for multiple sets of skis, these hard cased ski bags work great for all types of skiers.


When shopping for a new ski bag you will want to pay special attention to a few things while shopping. Ski bag length, capacity, and whether the bag is padded or not should be taken into account when shopping.


Ski bag length is important. You will want to sync the bag’s length with the longest set of skis you will be carrying. for example; if you have a 175cm ski, a bag of at least 180cm is recommended. Some bags will be adjustable so you can simply unzip a section to make the bag longer to accommodate a multitude of ski lengths.


The capacity of a ski bag will typically be measured in pairs. A 1 pair ski bag will carry one pair of skis comfortably as a 2 pair will carry two pairs comfortably and so on. Making sure you purchase a ski bag with the proper capacity based on what you plan on carrying is key as you don’t want to try to stuff too much into one bag.


Ski bags will typically offer some sort of padding although there are some bags that will not be padded. Hard case ski bags will not offer padding and some cheaper model bags will also not offer any padding. Depending on how often you travel and who is handling your skis, the padding in a padded ski bag can be a very important feature.


As you can see there are plenty of things to keep in mind when shopping for a new ski bag on Keeping all these features in mind when shopping will ensure you get the proper ski bag for your needs.



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