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Size Charts for Salomon Helmets


By Steve Kopitz

Salomon Helmets


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Men's Helmets

Helmet Model X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Allium - 53-56cm 56-59cm 59-62cm - -
Brigade 53.5-54.5cm 55-56cm 56.5-57.5cm 58-59cm 59.5-60.5cm 61-62cm
Hacker 53.5-54.5cm 55-56cm 56.5-57.5cmcm 58-59cm 59.5-60.5cm 61-62cm
Patrol 53.5-54.5cm 55-56cm 56.5-57.5cm 58-59cm 59.5-60.5cm 61-62cm
Phantom - 53-56cm 56-59cm 59-62cm - -
Prophet - 53-56cm 56-59cm 59-62cm - -
Quest - 53-56cm 56-59cm 59-62cm - -
Ranger - 53-56cm 56-59cm 59-62cm - -



Women's Helmets

Helmet Model Small Medium
Aura 53-56cm 56-59cm
Icon 53-56cm 56-59cm
Idol 53-56cm 56-59cm



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