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Salomon has been playing in the French Alps since 1947. Their passion for outdoor sports, new technologies and craftsmanship has driven Salomon – and still does – to create progressive gear that enables you to freely enjoy and challenge yourself in the great outdoors. Don’t wait any longer. Now it’s time to play.
Salomon QST Boots
Salomon QST Boots
Ready to ride, the QST Boot line from Salomon is hard charging on the groomers and constructed with a lightweight design that is perfect for venturing out to find that secret powder stash. All the boots in the QST line feature top-of-the-line technologies that allow you to play everywhere on the mountain.
Salomon QST Skis
Salomon QST Skis
If you’re looking for maneuverable, controlled, lightweight skis the Salomon QST Series is the perfect choice. Each and every ski in the QST line up has the ability to be your one-ski-quiver, and with a wide range of skis to choose from you’re sure to find a perfect fit with the QST Series.
Men's XDR Equipment
Salomon offers a unique expertise when it comes to Alpine Skiing. Take a look at their full selection of Alpine Skis and Ski Boots for men. Find the perfect set-up to allow you to enjoy the slopes the way you want to!
2018 XDR Series Skis.
2018 XDR Series Skis
If you were a fan of the Salomon X-Drive Series, you’re sure to find a ski you love in the brand new Salomon XDR line up. With six different models of XDR skis to choose from, there is a front side carver for everyone from hard charging expert all the way down to a true beginner.
Women's Equipment
Play Any Line. Watch The Video.
Discover the full Salomon expertise when it comes to Alpine Skiing. Their selection of Alpine Skis and Ski Boots for women will allow you to find the perfect set-up to meet your needs, so you can fully enjoy your time on the slopes.
Salomon Constellation Ski Series
Constellation Ski Series
With four different skis to choose ranging from beginner to expert, the Salomon Constellation Series has something for everyone. These women’s specific skis are designed for agility and edge hold, making them an easy-to-control, frontside ski. All four skis in the Constellation line up are named after different constellations that are found in the sky during winter.
Men's Apparel
Salomon men’s outerwear is designed to stand out from the crowd thanks to their unwavering commitment of meeting your needs to battle the elements. Whether you’re looking for warmth and all-weather protection, or a lightweight, breathable construction that allows for unmatched mobility, Salomon’s 2018 Collection has something to meet everybody’s needs.
Women's Apparel
If you’re hiking, skiing or mountaineering Salomon women’s outerwear collection is designed to accompany you during any activity and adapt to your active lifestyle. Salomon is committed to keeping you warm and protected to battle the elements, whether it is with insulated outerwear for frigid weather or a lightweight, breathable option for mild conditions, Salmon’s 2018 outerwear collection has got you covered.
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