Rollerblade Twister Pro Urban Inline Skates

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Rollerblade Twister Pro Urban Inline Skates, Anthracite-Blue, 600
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$379.99 (27% off)
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Skill Level: Advanced - lots of versatility in design, support and type

Advanced - lots of versatility in design, support and type

Skate Type: Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Urban - built for the city and zipping around busy sidewalks

Speed: Moderate - ideal for skaters going at a mellow to fast speed

Moderate - ideal for skaters going at a mellow to fast speed

Ventilation: Medium - moderate breathability, good for moderate distances

Medium - moderate breathability, good for moderate distances


The Rollerblade Twister Pro Urban Inline Skates are a true beast and have tons of performance so you can twist, turn and curve all throughout the urban landscape and have the confidence to tackle the mean streets. The Vented and Molded Shell provide comfort and some relief from the sweat that can form in the skates. Its Extruded Aluminum 7000 frame ensures durability and great energy transfer so you can get the speed up to perform the next trick. If necessary, the lateral slider is removable and you'll have an extra pair of laces in the box as well. The Hydrogen Wheels provide power and response giving you great rebound and control. When you want to show off in the park or just want to get to school or work, make sure you have something powerful like the Rollerblade Twister Pro Urban Inline Skates.

  • Removable Lateral Slider
  • Hydrogen Wheels
  • Shock Absorber
  • V-Cut
  • 165mm Frame Mounting
  • Laterally Adjustable


Skate Type  Urban Skate Cuff Height  High Skate Closure System  Traditional Laces
Closure System  Locking Cuff Buckle, 45 Degree Buckle and Laces Maximum Wheel Size  80mm Wheel Configuration  80mm - 80mm - 80mm - 80mm
Wheel Durometer  85A Bearing Grade  High Performance Bearing Type  ILQ 9
Speed  Moderate Skate Frame Material  Metal or Metal Alloy Frame Material  Extruded Aluminum 7000
Lining Material  Specialized Pro Ventilation  Medium Special Features  Specialized Footbed
Model Year  2016 Model Number  07621500 481 7.0 Product ID  416023
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Review update. Nice skate but needs a stretching.

out of 5

I've been skating on the twister pro 2016 for about a month almost daily. I have no complaints on the skate itself but... If you have wide feet and an ankle bone that sticks out a lot this shell is not for you. Unless you want to heat it up...Read More
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2016 Twister Pro Review.

out of 5

I received my Twister Pro 2016 3 days ago and I have about 6-7 hours on them at the moment. I have no complaints about the skate itself. I like it very much. I ordered half a size bigger and it is a perfect fit. It's a fast skate and trans...Read More
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out of 5

Ok so I'm 275 and haven't rollerblades since I was 14 I'm 24 now. This is my first pair of scate since. Thay role so fast. So much rum I wear a 11 steel toe boot and the eleven scate fits is just a little tight.. I got the, yesterday and us...Read More
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Questions & Answers
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Q: If my foot size is 25 cm, could i fit in the size 24 cm skates if i wear thin enough skates? Also, what are the shell size difference for each foot size?
Asked : May 05, 2017
By : Vivian, Canada
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A: You may be able to squeeze into the smaller size but even the thinnest of socks isn't going to change your actual foot measure so I'd be careful there. You'd really have to try the skates on and get a feel for them, it sounds like you want a very tight performance fit which these skates can offer you. I wear a similar style from Rollerblade and can say they fit the same as my everyday shoe size if that helps. Not sure of the shell size differences at the moment but will keep you posted if I figure that portion out.
Answered : May 08, 2017
By : Chris
Q: Hi I would like to do slalom so can I use them?
Asked : Jan 28, 2017
By : kevin, San Jose California
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A: Yes, these would be great inline skates for slalom. The short wheelbase will give you ample control as will the smaller wheels. The stiffer boot will offer additional support and protection necessary for slalom.
Answered : Jan 30, 2017
By : Chris
Q: Can you put a break on these?
Asked : Sep 21, 2016
By : Johnny, Miami Florida
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: No, these skates do not come with a brake. I'd recommend looking at the Rollerblade Twister 80 since they are very similar skates and offer a brake.
Answered : Sep 22, 2016
By : Chris, United States
Q: Will I be able to take the frame off and make them aggressive style skate
Asked : Sep 08, 2016
By : rick, Los Angeles, CA
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A: You will want to look at the Rollerblade Fusion X3 as that skate offers a UFS frame so you can add any aggressive frame to that skate.
Answered : Sep 08, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Hello, I take a 42 European or size 9 US shoe. What size do you recommend for the Rollerblade Twister Pro In-line skate? Thank you.
Asked : Sep 03, 2016
By : Stan, Lafayette,La
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: Rollerblade skates run pretty much the same as your shoe size so the size 9 is going to be the way to go. The skates may feel snug at first and will break in as you skate in them more. These skates will most likely take about 6 times out skating in them to fully break them in but once you get them there you'll love the fit.
Answered : Sep 03, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Hello, I got my skates and they are great. I have pretty wide feet and I'm having an issue where my little toe goes numb after about an hour of skating. It's pushing on the plastic of the boot. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
Asked : Aug 27, 2016
By : Lmnsr, Aruba
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: The best recommendation I can give in this instance is to try adding a better footbed, and maybe also a heel lift. The heel lift can help alleviate some pressure for those with a wider foot since it pull the foot up in the skate into a more open area which can help decrease pinches. I have had this help customers in the past who had issues due to width. A more drastic change could be to have a professional boot fitter take a look at the skates and possibly shave down some of the inner plastic but I personally would not recommend that unless a last ditch effort since you start messing with the make up of the skate at that point. I'd say go with a better footbed and a heel lift. Heel lifts can be found online and also at most ski shops.
Answered : Aug 29, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Hi the rollerblade website mentions that the bearings in the rolelrblade twister pro is ILQ9 but it is showing SG9 in your website. Please tell, why the difference?
Asked : Aug 12, 2016
By : Divye, New York
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: Good catch, we have this listed as the SG9 but the 2016 model comes with the Twincam ILQ - 9 Classic Plus. We will update our listing, thanks!
Answered : Aug 15, 2016
By : Chris
Q: A woman whom size of shoe is 8.5us what size of twister pro should use?
Asked : Jul 21, 2016
By : Arnaldo, Bogota
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: The Rollerblade Twister Pro is sized in men's sizes and will fit similar to your everyday shoe size, if you wear a size 8.5 in a women's shoe size I would recommend dropping a full size in this skate and get the 7.5 - It will take a few times skating to fully break in the skates to have them fit properly but you want a snug fit to aid in overall comfort and performance.
Answered : Jul 22, 2016
By : Chris
Q: the page says the bearings are SG9 and the the youtube video says that they are twincam ILQ9 bearings. whitch ones are true?
Asked : Jul 07, 2016
By : jess, bend oregon
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A: These are SG9 bearings. SG is Rollerblade's term and ILQ is K2's term. These are all basically the same and are comparable to ABEC 9 bearings. We may have misspoke in the YouTube video, our apologies on that.
Answered : Jul 07, 2016
By : Chris
Q: Hello, my size is 42 to 43 in my country, and my feet length is 26.6cm, what size do you think I should get?
Asked : Jun 24, 2016
By : Maor, Israel
Know the answer? Answer this question
A: The size 9.5 is going to be the size for you. A size measure of 26.6cm puts you in the size 9.5 for US size. These skates fit very similar to shoe size so the 9.5 is what I would recommend.
Answered : Jun 27, 2016
By : Chris
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