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While we know you would love to be able to test the latest skis and products before you buy, we know that is just not possible. Demo days are sometimes hard to find and it would be very costly to try out many new items before you decide. Because of this, the employees at test the latest ski equipment and give their opinion. Ski testers of different gender, ability and preference test the same equipment so you will get many perspectives. It is with this effort we try to make the selection process a little bit easier.

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Brand Model Reviewer Star Rating
RideRide Baretta Womens Snowboard 2013Jenna4
RideRide Baretta Womens Snowboard 2013Natalie4
RideRide Buckwild Snowboard 2013Ben4
RideRide Buckwild Snowboard 2013Dave4.5
RideRide Buckwild Snowboard 2013Ian5
RideRide Buckwild Snowboard 2013Rob4
RideRide Compact Womens Snowboard 2013Emily B4
RideRide Compact Womens Snowboard 2013Jenna3
RideRide Compact Womens Snowboard 2013Natalie3
RideRide Crush Snowboard 2013Ben4
RideRide Crush Snowboard 2013Ian4
RideRide DH2 Snowboard 2013Dave4.5
RideRide DH2 Snowboard 2013Rob4
RideRide Farah Womens Snowboard 2013Emily B5
RideRide Farah Womens Snowboard 2013Jenna3
RideRide Highlife UL Snowboard 2013Alex4.5
RideRide Highlife UL Snowboard 2013Fidel5
RideRide Highlife UL Snowboard 2013Leo4
RideRide Highlife UL Snowboard 2013Steve K5
RideRide Highlife UL Snowboard 2013Steve Kow5
RideRide Highlife UL Snowboard 2013Steve S5
RideRide Kink Snowboard 2013Dave4
RideRide Kink Snowboard 2013Leo4
RideRide Machete GT Snowboard 2013Alex5
RideRide Machete GT Snowboard 2013Fidel4
RideRide Machete GT Snowboard 2013Leo5
RideRide Machete GT Snowboard 2013Rob4.5
RideRide Machete GT Snowboard 2013Steve S4.5
RideRide Machete GT Snowboard 2013Steve S4
RideRide Machete Snowboard 2013Dave4.5
RideRide Machete Snowboard 2013Leo5
RideRide Machete Snowboard 2013Steve K4
RideRide OMG Womens Snowboard 2013Emily B4
RideRide OMG Womens Snowboard 2013Jenna4
RideRide OMG Womens Snowboard 2013Natalie5
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