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Pain McShlonkey Classic


By. Julie Kehoe




The February 28th deadline is closing in for entry to one of the greatest ski events on the planet: The Pain McShlonkey Classic, in honor of skiing legend Shane McConkey. In 1998 the beginnings of the Pain McShlonkey Classic were developing as a behind the scenes, late night race at the Winter X Games. Shane McConkey began hosting the Pain McShlonkey Open as a “formal competition” in 2003 as an event for himself and other professional skiers to compete for bragging rights in events including a Switch GS, a Saucer Small Air and the Chinese Downhill.


pain mcshlonkey classic

pain mcshlonkey classic


After Shane passed away in 2009; Sherry, his wife, and the Shane McConkey Foundation renamed the Open and use the Pain McShlonkey Classic as a way to raise money for the foundation and remember Shane. The three day event is certainly something Shane would be proud of with a Meet and Greet, Gala Fundraiser for the Shane McConkey Foundation and the Pain McShlonkey Classic. Professional skiers love participating in this heated battle for bragging rights and the coveted Golden Saucer Trophy. Last year’s podium included skiing legends Cody Townsend, Chris Benchetler, Jesse Hall, Aaron McGovern, Rob Gaffney, Suzanne Graham, Michelle Parker and Wendy Fisher.


pain mcshlonkey classic


For pure respect for Shane, competitors don costumes and neon one pieces and compete in an ‘Extreme Small Mountain Invitational’ or the Chinese Downhill on rental snowblades. If you missed the Saucer and snowblade references please watch Matchstick Productions Pura Vida for the debut of Saucer Boy.


This year 30 amateur competitors will be chosen for a coveted spot in the Chinese Downhill at the Classic. To enter the contest for a coveted spot to compete on March 24th against 30 click the link to and provide the best answer to the question: "Would you rather live in California and not be able to leave the state your entire life? Or would you rather go anywhere in the world but you can never come to California?"


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