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Mmmmm… Harshmellow!


March 1st, 2009



Snowboarding is an exhilarating, fast-paced, high-impact sport that can certainly take its toll on your body over time. Every company in the industry does their best to design and develop products aimed at maximizing performance while simultaneously protecting the user from the impacts that occur from ripping up a mountain or terrain park. One such design and development has occurred with K2′s Harshmellow Technology…yes, that’s HARSHmellow, not MARSHmallow.


So what exactly is Harshmellow Technology you ask? Well it’s not something you can roast over a campfire and eat that’s for sure. Harshmellow technology is in fact the first comprehensive vibration absorbing system ever implemented across the three primary snowboarding components (board, boots, & bindings). According to K2, Harshmellow is a uniquely formulated synthetic compound that is designed to target specific vibration areas on each respective product. When combined together, the board, boots, and bindings together provide the smoothest, most performance driven ride ever.





While this technology isn’t available on all of K2′s models just yet, the number of products it is certain to grow. Presently, Harshmellow technology is available on the K2 Zero, Jibpan, and Duchess boards, Auto Series bindings, and a select few men’s and women’s snowboard boots.



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