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Mirjam Jaeger | Bio and Q and A



By Steve Kopitz







Mirjam Jaeger is a rare breed in the world of freestyle skiing, balancing her competition season, studies, and a modeling career. Yes, men try not to drool on the keyboard; she’s beauty, brains and can out shred you on the steeps, in the deep, and up and out of the pipe too. The mountain has always been a part of her life, but Mirjam refuses to let skiing define her. Mirjam has been modeling for her sponsors and a modeling agency in Berlin, and continues to model in her spare time. Her interest in politics and ability to speak four languages has led her to study Business Administration and Economics at a University in Germany via correspondence classes. Continue to read and learn more about Mirjam and her love, skiing.







Mirjam Jaeger


Birth Date:




Current Location:


Denver, Colorado




Zurich, Switzerland




Swatch, Faction, Peak Performance, Bollé, Hello Kitty Gloves, Dalbello, Pull-in, Salon29, Don Thomas Sporthaus 



Mirjam Jaeger Faction Jersey


Gear for the Year:




I’m riding the Faction Aria 173cm for park and the Faction Heroin 178cm for Powder




I ski in the Krypton II Moro T




Marker Jesters




Peak Performance




Giro Shiv




Bollé Nova




Hello Kitty all models




Faction poles



Mirjam Jaeger in the Air



Q&A with Mirjam:


Where and when did you ski for the first time?


The first time I ever stood on skis was in Pontresina, Switzerland when I was 2 years old;-)


Your first pair of skis were ___?


Wow, I really can’t remember hahaha….


Were you always into Freestyle Skiing?


I started snowboarding when I was 9 years old and did both for a couple of years, then I stopped skiing a few years later cause I liked Snowboarding more….it was the “cool” thing to do back then;-) I also was the Swiss Snowboard Halfpipe Champion in 2002;-) Freestyle Skiing started to come over to Europe in 2003 and I had to try it out cause it looked fun and it had been a couple of years since I’d been on skis….I had fun right away and kinda switched over to skiing more but competed in both for like 2 years….then in 2005 I decided to give up Snowboarding to concentrate on skiing only;-)


How/When did you decide that skiing was a passion and that you were going to pursue that to the level you’re at now?


Well I’ve always liked winter sports. Snowboarding was my first passion; I saved up all the money I earned with modeling to be able to go snowboarding as much as possible. I then soon got my first sponsors and put all my spare time into Snowboarding. I fell in love with skiing again the first time I stood on skis again in 2003. I still don’t know what the difference was between snowboarding and skiing that made skiing just way more fun, it just happened. I had just turned pro in Snowboarding and it was definitely kind of a risk to just try and ski instead of continue in snowboarding but it worked out and I’m glad I tried;-)


When did you get your first sponsorship? Which Company?


Well I already had Snowboard sponsors at the time and most of them were stoked that I started skiing out of nowhere and that I did well in comps too so basically my sponsors from snowboarding said they would keep on supporting me for my skiing too. I was with Nike ACG and they even ran 2 ads with me, one snowboarding and one skiing at the same time;-) Bollé (I’m still with them now) also supported me in my decision to ski and were always on my side. The first ski sponsor was Fischer though.


Are there any riders that have influenced you?


Not really. I’ve actually never looked up to anyone as an Idol or something like that. I just did my thing, I know what I want and I go my way. Of course there are some girl riders like Kristi Leskinen or Sarah Burke that were already known when I started skiing and that influenced the whole girls skiing scene but I wouldn’t say it influenced my personal skiing.


What’s the best skiing tip you’ve ever received?


Honestly I don’t know….everything I’ve learned I learned it by myself and I haven’t had a coach or anything like that so I just tried till I could do it….;-)


You’ve been in a lot of ads etc. Which video segment /photo shoot was your favorite to shoot?


Every shoot is different and every shoot has its fun parts. I don’t have a favorite photo shoot to be honest but one I really did like was the Swatch Profile we filmed in 2009 because it combined my skiing and my modeling and I think it shows who I really am.


Your worst ski injury was ___?


Well I had two knee surgeries one in 2008 and one in 2009. Both of them weren’t fun at all and both of them required hard work to get back on the slopes. In 2008 I tore my ACL and in spring 2009 I had to take out a part of my cartilage underneath my kneecap. Both of those injuries weren’t fun but I would say the cartilage was worse, just cause I didn’t even know if the surgery would help and the doctor told me the day after the surgery that he didn’t know if I was ever gonna be able to ski again …..I’m recovered now even though my cartilage is still causing me problems sometimes and I’m careful with what I’m doing.


Which is your favorite “resort” to ski, and which one is top on the must ski list?


My favorite resort for park is Keystone in Colorado. It’s never too crowded and the park is just so much fun. They have a mini park as well so it’s great for beginners too. Top on the must ski list is Verbier in Switzerland. It’s connected to other ski resorts so it never gets boring, the village is fun and super nice.


I always forget to pack my___ when I go skiing!


Actually I never forget to pack anything when I go skiing;-) I’m good at that lol.


Tight Pants or Baggy Pants?


Baggy pants


Goggle strap over or under the helmet?


My Goggle strap is always under the helmet….even though I already thought a couple of times to put it over it when I compete cause it would be easier to air the goggles when I sweat but I just can’t do it….lol I think it looks way better when it’s under the helmet;-)


What are the top three songs that are on your shredding playlist?


Memories by David Guetta (feat. Kid Cudi), Dare by Gorillaz, Audacity of Huge by Simian Mobile Disco


Skiing is ____?


It’s fun and one of my passions!


What do you do when you’re not skiing?


I actually do quite a bit;-) I’m working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Economics and will hopefully finish my studies in summer/fall 2011. Then I’d like to get a Master’s Degree too. I also have a model agency in Berlin, Germany and still model from time to time, whenever I’m not traveling and have time to do so. I also finished a Make-up Artist school in fall 2009, while recovering from one of my knee injuries and try to do that as much as possible too. I go to the gym, I rollerblade, I like running, hiking, biking…hmmm…I just like to do sports.


Your nicknames are?


I only have one nickname and that’s Mimi.

Your favorite movie?


“Meet the Parents” and “Meet the Fockers”;-)


The perfect guy is ___?


Athletic, smart, nice, funny, a little bit romantic, has style, doesn’t smoke, …. I could go on but my boyfriend has everything I just said and more so he’s the perfect one for me.


What is the most ridiculous pick up line a guy has used on you?


I usually don’t listen to pick up lines, I just walk away because they are annoying and 99.8% of the time I’m not interested in the guys that try to pick me up.


More women should be encouraged to ___?


Hmm….do their own thing? Hahaha…I don’t know;-) lol


If you were given 1 million dollars how would you spend it?


Well I would buy an apartment or house and put the rest in my bank account.


Your most embarrassing moment was ___?


I can’t tell you because there are some VERY embarrassing moments. Lol. And I’m gonna keep them for my self haha.


Your worst habit is ___?


I’m addicted to sweets….I always need to have a dessert after eating.


Your #1 goal for the year is?


Not to get injured no more and place well in competitions.


Interviews with are _____?


Long? Hahaha….


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