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Loveland First North American Resort Open For 2009


By Steve Kopitz




It’s official, the season has started. Loveland started up its lifts on October 7, 2009, making it the first resort in North America to open up for the 2009-2010 season. The buzz was immense as there were diehards camped out hoping to get that first chair ride of the season resulting in the first run on some fresh corduroy. There were free donuts handed out making everyone swell even more with excitement as they geared up for their first run. Surely there was nobody there that ditched school or work, wink wink.

Lovelan NOW OPEN!


So we embark on the start of the new season, we can feel better about wrenching on our bindings, waxing our bases and trying on our gear. It’s that time of year when we are happy to grab our winter jacket and beanie cap and head out the door. We sit anxious awaiting our first snowfall and opening of our local hill and if your lucky enough to have Loveland as your local hill, get riding. Have a great season everybody, see you out there.


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