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K2 + Zero = Green


February 6th, 2008


Don’t worry, the title of this blog is not a math problem that you need to solve. In lieu of my blog about Quiksilver’s new k2 logoecologically conscious snowboard gear, we felt it appropriate to pass along some news about K2′s newest snowboard, The Zero. Like Quiksilver, K2 has a firm understanding that for customers to use their boards, they need snow. Unfortunately global warming is causing warmer temperatures which doesn’t bode well for that. K2′s solution is the development of the Eco-friendly Zero snowboard. The Zero snowboard is built with a wood core made from bamboo that is comprised of about one-third of the materials used in K2′s other snowboards.


The K2 development team broke down their snowboards piece-by-piece to fully analyze what they could remove or alter without compromising the quality or performance of the board. The result was a board with an ecologically friendly construction, reduced resins, and many other Eco-conscious qualities.


Additionally, K2 has altered the packaging for all of their snowboards, continuing their efforts to become greener. K2 officials have stated that being environmentally friendly is one of the organization’s highest priorities. The Zero is a start of a new line of boards for the K2 company, and it is likely to be the future for all K2 products.



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