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K2 Flatline Technology


September 9th, 2009

Over the last few years, snowboard companies like K2 have been adding some innovative technologies to their boards, designed to make boards ride faster, edge smoother, and float easier. Yet many of these technologies seem to carry names which mystify their real purpose which is to help you enjoy riding more. In this article we will explore one of K2’s latest technologies, known as Flatline technology. Flatline technology is uniquely patented by K2 snowboards and thus will only be found on K2 snowboards. This makes them incomparable to anything else on the market, which makes understanding this specific technology all that more


flatlinetechnologyFlatline technology is a result of K2′s driven pro team. K2’s pro riders wanted a board that performed great in the park, offering superior stability and an inability to “wash” out. What they discovered was that they needed a board that offer zero camber. This design and technology would become K2’s Flatline technology. Putting it simply, Flatline technology means that the board lies flat through its entirety. This is opposed to camber technology where the board arch’s slightly, or reverse camber technology, where the board uses a slight reverse arch. (For more information on camber technology be sure to check out our camber technology article.)


Flatline technology is designed to give a board not only good stability but excellent pop and response. This is because the board doesn’t need to be broken in like traditional camber boards. Traditional camber boards take some time to soften up and allow the camber to flex. Boards featuring Flatline offer that same flex and pop right out of the box. The flatness also allows for very predictable turns and spins whether the board rides forward or switch. Flatline technology, while new, can be found on several K2 models this season, including the Slayblade (regular and wide models), Believer, EcoPop, and Airdu. When asked why K2 made this technology, K2 officials stated, “Flatline is the most balanced ride for the aspiring and accomplished pros who need one board to do it all. Why did we make this one? The team demanded it.”


The bottom line is, Flatline technology is designed to make a board ride more predictably and stable in the park. The technology offers a smooth, equal pressure everywhere board that creates the perfect balance of stability and versatility. You can instantly get that broken in and comfortable feel. This means you can spin with more control and stomp more landings with little or no worries.

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