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It's fun to be warm when it's cold

By Steve Kopitz


I’m at the top of Ajax (Aspen Mountain) in the restaurant as I write this blog. When I got up this morning it was -8 degrees  F. I decided to postpone my skiing for some breakfast in the  hope that it might warm up a bit. When breakfast was finished I checked the weather on my iPhone. It had warmed up to a balmy -2 F. None the less the mountain was calling me. So I suited up with warmest gear. Thick long underwear, my warmest tops ( 3 of them), my balaclava, electric boot heaters and hand warmers in my warmest gloves. Yea I know call me a wimp, but I get cold very easy and skiing isn’t fun when I’m cold.


I got on the gondola with all my gear. When I approached the summit I started getting ready.  Buttoned my powder skirt in my jacket. Closed all the vents in my helmet, jacket, and pants and got ready to venture out. To my surprise it didn’t seem that cold. The sun was out so I thought that maybe it had warmed up. After taking a few runs I looked at the thermometer and to my surprise it was only 0 degrees and I was as warm and toasty as if it was above 30. It made me realize 2 things.  Having the right gear is critical and putting it all on including the balaclava, hand warmers and boot heaters before I got cold is the key. Once you are already cold it’s too late to “button up”.


Well it’s time to go back out and enjoy the cold for a few more runs.




Ajax Mountain Aspen

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