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Inline skating is a great off season training tool for skiers. The motions are similar and skating gives skiers a great cardio workout leaving them ready for ski season. To make it easier for all our skiing friends to get a good off season workout, you can now find a full range of inline skates on for men, women and kids. Get training with a great deal on a quality pair of inline skates from the top brands in skating including Rollerblade, K2 and more!

Inline Skates

Inline skating is hands down one of the greatest off season workouts for skiers, both downhill and cross country. Not only does inline skating work and exercise the important muscles used for skiing but it is great fun giving skaters nice scenery and a rush of adrenaline. Some of the important muscles worked while inline skating are the hip flexor, hamstrings, quadriceps and gastrocnemius. Keeping the muscles you use for skiing in shape has never been so much fun or rewarding!

Urban skates

Urban skates and aggressive skates are great for freestyle skiers who are frequently skiing the park and pipe on twin tip skis. These types of skates offer the ability to do some tricks and transfer some of the skiing style associated with freestyle skiing into an offseason training regimen. Urban skates are great for getting around a busy city and aggressive skates will give you the ability to grind, jump and do tricks on the street and at the skate park.

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Choosing a skate with larger wheels and a stiffer boot will be great for those training for downhill racing or hard core skiers looking for a similar performance as their skis. Inline skate boots are not going to be as stiff as advanced level ski boots but will offer great support while maintaining enough comfort for all day skating. Getting a rush of speed while inline skating can be exhilarating and exciting giving speed seeking skiers an outlet when the peaks dry up and the runs close down.

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