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Ian Compton | Bio and Q and A


By Steve Kopitz






One of the many young Vermonters hitting the freestyle scene right now, Ian Compton is known primarily for his insane rail work and laid back attitude. His effortless style and cat like agility on the rails is gaining him notoriety, and some big time interviews and exposure with sources like ESPN. With several Line Traveling Circus episode appearances under his belt look for more from this young gun in 2011. Every day he takes to the snow with a huge smile making it tough to deny his love for skiing. Read up on Ian in this Q&A session with



Ian Compton


Birth Date:

March 21, 1989


Current Location:

Salt Lake City, Utah






Line Skis, Orage, EC Headwear, POW gloves



Ian Compton Chilling on the Hill


Gear for the Year:




Line Chronic’s, Line Afterbang




Full Tilt, Tom Wallisch Hot Doggers.



Fks pivots





EC headwear hats…. And my new Smith Holt Park from






Pow gloves



Line Pin’s

Ian Compton Getting Gnarly


Q&A with Ian Compton:


Where and when did you ski for the first time?


There is a T-Bar right near my house I went to for the first time when I was 13.


Your first pair of skis were ___?


The old orange Salomon 1080s.


Were you always into Freestyle Skiing?


I was a hockey player for 13 years of my life until I found skiing…


13, that’s a late start. How/When did you decide that skiing was a passion and that you were going to pursue that to the level you’re at now?




Ever since I joined the Mount Snow freestyle team when I was 14 I knew skiing was for me. I fell more in love with the sport every year. Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without it.


When did you get your first sponsorship? Which Company?


Oh man, I think I was 15 and got some hoodies/hats from a company called Evil Sports.


Are there any riders that have influenced you?


Travis Heed, Will Wesson, Max Hill


What’s it like getting to ride with someone so influential to you?


Pretty Unreal. It’s crazy going from watching videos as a kid of your heroes, to skiing and filming with them. Puts everything into perspective.


What’s the best skiing tip you’ve ever received?


Keep your tips up.


Which video segment /photo shoot was your favorite to shoot?


My trip to Tahoe, California with Will Wesson.


Your worst ski injury was ___?


Getting stuck in a tree…


Which is your favorite “resort” to ski, and which one is top on the must ski list?


Love Mount Snow VT, but would kill to go to Laax, Switzerland.


I always forget to pack my___ when I go skiing!




Tight Pants or Baggy Pants?




Goggle strap over or under the helmet?



Over the hat.


Rail Jam, Slope style, or Big Air?


Rail jam for sure.


What are the top three songs that are on your shredding playlist?


Shroomusic by Quasimoto, Honeysuckle by John Compton (my father) and Someone to Love by Stephen Marley.


Skiing is ____?


My Love.


What do you do when you’re not skiing?


Skateboard and think about skiing.


Your nicknames are?


Chompers, Chompton, Chompy, the list goes on…


Your favorite movie?


Donnie Darko


The perfect girl is ___?


A free spirit with a nice smile.


The most outrageous pick up line you’ve ever used was ___? Successful?


How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice.


If you were given 1 million dollars how would you spend it?


On good times.


Your most embarrassing moment was ___?


Peeing my pants in Karate class.


Your worst habit is ___?


Pealing my nails…


Your #1 goal for the year is?


Be happy with my season.


Interviews with are ___?


Glorious with more to come…

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