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Hydration Packs For Skiing

The invention of the hydration pack made it possible to get hydrated on the go with an easy to fill bladder and a hose that you could drink from while skiing, hiking, or taking a break. carries a wide selection of hydration packs from all your favorite brands including Mountain Hardwear, Osprey, High Sierra and mroe. Hydration packs are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors so no matter what you are looking for there is a pack that will work well for you.


When shopping hydration packs you will notice there are packs specifically for men and women. Not only are these hydration packs aesthetically different but the fit will be specifically formatted for a man or a woman. The way the hydration pack will contour to the back and the strap adjustments will offer a fit designed for a male or female body shape making them the most comfortable and the best performing fit you can get.


Hydration packs are also available in many bladder sizes. The hydration pack bladder sits in a special pouch within the pack, and these bladders come in a range of sizes. Bladders are measured in liters and the most common bladder sizes are 1 liter, or 2 liter. Choose a bladder size based on how long of a trip or journey you will be most commonly taking. The extra bladder size will also equate to more weight which is something to keep in mind when making a selection.


A good investment when using your hydration pack in the winter is an insulated delivery system. An insulated hose on your hydration pack will make sure your water doesn’t freeze in route to your mouth. Many think that the insulated hose on a hydration pack has something to do with hot beverages but the function is to ensure your water doesn’t freeze when skiing, snowboarding, or taking a winter hike. Although not many hydration packs come with an insulated delivery system you can pick one up separate for fairly cheap.


When shopping for a new hydration pack be sure to keep in mind exactly what you will be using the pack for. If you are only using it for half day trips to the mountain you can get by with the smaller pack with less storage. If you are using the hydration pack for all day ski adventures or overnight trips you will benefit from having a larger pack with more storage for gear and more water. Many skiers end up with multiple hydration packs for various times and activities so if you start compiling a collection, it’s normal.



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