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How to Put On Your Ski Boots

Read the Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Adam and I am going to give you a quick few tips and tricks to help you put on your ski boots. The first thing you want to do is go ahead and unbuckle that boot all the way and the Velcro Powerstrap. Most ski boots have a loop that is located on the top tongue, you want to go ahead and pull that loop out and to the side. It makes it very easy for you to slide your foot right in. If the ski boot is sized correctly when you slide your foot in you should feel your toes touching the front. Ski boots have an angle and a heel pocket that your foot needs to settle into. To help your foot settle into that pocket, you want to go ahead and give your heel a couple of knocks back on the floor. Now its time for you to start closing the buckles. If you have a four buckle boot you want to start with lower cuff buckle, or if you have a two or three buckle boot, you want to start with the tallest top most buckle. Now it’s time for you to start closing the buckles that are on top of the foot. You don’t want to have to force them down to over tighten them, but you don’t want to just flip them down either, a slight amount of pressure should be just fine. Now you always want to start from one boot start to finish to the other boot from start to finish. Go ahead and put on the other boot. Now that you have both boots on you should stand up and feel your toes slightly touching the front of the boot. When you bend your knees and get into a ski position you should feel your toes slide back. You may just barley feel your longest toe touching the front of the boot. The boot breaks in up to half a size. It’s important that the boot fits snug not tight. To ensure you the proper length, and feel, and pressure to give you the adequate amount of control over your skis. Now that you are in your boot and comfortable go hit the slopes.