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High Tech on the Ski Hill


By Chris Gorski




Looking to incorporate some new, high-tech gear into your skiing adventures?  Use the latest technology to cruise easily down the mountains, track your paths, stay warm and even make phone calls from your helmet. As you’re out in the wilderness, atop a mountain or venturing between trees, you will want to know you are prepared for most anything as you enjoy your ride down. We like the conveniences of life and we know what we want and need and how easy it is to get. First and foremost – be safe and have fun.


Be On Top Of Your Game! Here are some amazing Hi-Tech devices that can truly assist you, some things should be a necessity when it comes to changing weather conditions and other things are just way too much fun:


When I'm cruising down the mountain, I like to jam to tunes, it makes the whole experience that much more intense. The K2 Rant Pro Audio Helmet is lean, sleek and ready to ride the park. This sweet hard shell helmet has a low-profile brim to keep you safe. Featuring the full-Wrap Liner System to ensure maximum comfort and the removable Sneak Attack Bandana for additional face saving. The K2 Rant Hard Shell construction is built to last with lightweight EPS foam bonded to an injection molded ABS shell. Washable Full-Wrap Liner System snugly cradles your head, creating wonderful fit. The liner features a crown mesh that wicks moisture and breathes to prevent overheating. It is seamlessly integrated with the K2 dialed Fit system.  The Level 1 Baseline Audio System has integrated headphones and volume control that connect to your audio player for total tune pumping action. Scenery, riding and tunes, how dreamy is that.


K2 Rant Ski Helmet

The Suunto  Core Aluminum Digital Sports Watch has over 30 functions that have been designed especially for the outdoor enthusiast to ensure that you get the most from your hiking, boating, climbing, diving, biking, skiing and snowboarding to fit your active lifestyle and daily life. This Suunto Core Aluminum Sport Watch provides precision and accuracy for ascending up the side of a cliff, or descending down to that perfect spot. Ideal for swimmers to record and time your fastest lap. There is a North indicator on the compass that will keep you going in the right direction with ease. Designed with a leather strap, dot-matrix display, electro-luminescent back light display for your convenience and comfort. The versatility and the sleek look will set you apart from the rest providing you with high fashion and also the functions for you to gather a wide range of accuracy as you navigate your way through the wild parts of the world.


Suunto Core Aluminum Watch


Keep your fingers toasty warm this winter with the Columbia Bugaglove Max Heated Gloves. These gloves are made with 100 percent goatskin leather and also features Omni-heat electric that gives you three different levels of heat that is powered through a lightweight durable Techlite battery compartment that is positioned on the back of the hand so it won't get in the way. The Bugaglove is waterproof that has Outdry which cancels water from the outside in. Interior heat and sweat will easily exit the glove which gives you a lightweight, dry and very warm glove. Precision fit grip will offer you superior articulation and will fit naturally around your ski pole and the cowhide palm patch gives you added grip and keeps the Bugaglove very durable after multiple winter seasons of use. A shock cord allows you to easily adjust the fit of the Bugaglove without having to take them off.


Comlumbia Heated Gloves


Wow, I’m excited to know all the convenient resources we have available to us. They could make you better skier, well at least allow you to enjoy how hard you work at your sport and endure the harsh weather conditions we experience. These are only some of the amazing Hi-Tech goodies that are out there.  Skiing is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world. It has evolved many commonly used Hi Tech devices for our proficiency and benefit that allows us to enjoy our sport even more. The internet is one of the most complete and diverse means to connect to the most current, cutting edge and over the top Skiing information.

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