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Going with the Flow



August 10th, 2010




Ah yes, haters. Something the snowboarding scene is no stranger to. For every snowboarder, there is a hater lurking in the powdery shadows. Whether it is for the type of clothes one is wearing or the expensive piece of gear, haters will hate. Enter little ol’ me and my little ol’ Flow bindings.





The season is 05/06 and I, Leo, am just a budding shredster with my Ride Control snowboard and Ride LX bindings. Three days in and I’m already skidding and carving my way into turns. Okay, maybe not the carving, but definitely the skidding and turning. All was going great until I saw a fellow snowboarder get off the lift with an odd pair of bindings with one of the highbacks reclined. As I was sitting down to strap in, I see this dude kick his feet into these strange bindings while still standing! It was that very moment when I realized that I was actually exerting more energy than needed every single time I got to the top of the hill. What was this magical piece of snowboarding gear? I had to get my hands on some. Enter the Flow Snowboard Bindings. Not more than 4 days into my snowboarding career, I returned my traditional bindings in exchange for a pair of Flow Flite 1 series bindings. I was forever hooked from that moment forward.


I am now headed into my sixth season as a snowboarder and I am still rocking Flow bindings. Sure, there are plenty of great traditional bindings out there that I have demoed, but I just keep going back to Flows. The Flite 1 series was a great introduction to Flow bindings as they were my gateway to the awesomeness of Flow’s other bindings. I am currently riding on the 2010 Flow NXT-FSE and I absolutely love these bindings. I demoed roughly 15 different bindings this year and I still prefer my Flows over them. You see, the best thing about Flow bindings is not the ease-of-entry… it’s the reduction of foot fatigue. No matter how much I shred, I have very minimal pain at the end of my sessions. Heck, I’d even bet that I would have ZERO pain if I had a better pair of boots.





Flow doesn’t just stop at bindings and snowboard boots either; they have a great line of snowboards. As much as I love Flow bindings, I never really paid any attention to their snowboards. After shredding on a few of their 2011 lineup of boards, I walked away impressed. Flow snowboards had an air of quality to them. Excellent edge to edge transition, mellow and playful rocker, and absolutely sick graphics oozed out of Flow’s snowboards.





So this leads me to my initial train of thought: why are there so many Flow haters? In my quest for the answer, through numerous blogs and forum posts, I have concluded that 90% of these haters have never even fully demoed a pair of Flow bindings. The other 10% is split between people who just prefer traditional bindings and people who have had a hardware issue (which is expected from any company since nobody is perfect). It’s their loss really. They can hate all they want while they sit there and crank the ratchets on their bindings. I’ll simply kick in, lock up, and get shreddin’. And at the end of it all, I’ll be the one smiling and relaxing in the lounge while the haters massage their feet.



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