Footwear Shopping Tips stocks a wide array of footwear for men, women and kids in a wide array of styles for every occasion.


Whether you’re heading out for a winter adventure, or going sea side for summer we’ve got the footwear you need.


Winter Boots


If you’re looking for new cold weather footwear, stocks a wide array of winter boots for men, women and kids. Winter boots come in many different styles and have tons of different features for you to consider when purchasing a new pair.


First decide which features you’re looking for in a pair of winter boots. You may be looking for something super heavy duty for frigid, snowy days. Or seeking a pair of winter boots to get you through the cold rain and snow. Or maybe something more minimalistic for chilly days with zero accumulation.


The most common features of winter boots are insulation and waterproofing. This ensures your feet stay warm and dry in cold, wet conditions. The most common form of insulation in winter boots is typically synthetic, like Thinsulate or PrimaLoft. However, sometimes wool, fleece, fur or even down can be used to insulate winter boots.


When it comes to waterproof winter boots, most brands use their own proprietary membrane or coating – but some do choose to use GORE-TEX, which is the leader in waterproof/breathable technology.


The next thing that you’d want to decide is what style of boot is right for you? Are you looking for something more fashion forward, or something designed for durability? Some boots like Pajar are designed for aesthetic and warmth. While others, like Sorel are made to be worn in rain, slush or snow.


No matter what you’re looking for we are sure that carries a winter boot to suit your specific needs.


Hiking & Trail Shoes


Find a huge selection of hiking and trail shoes for men and women at Hiking and trail shoes are designed to be worn on rugged terrain, in the woods and anywhere else your feet take you. They come in several different styles, and have tons of features suited for the outdoor enthusiast.


The first thing to consider when purchasing a pair of hiking or trail shoes is how much support you need. If you’re not out on the trials that often you may want to consider purchasing a “mid” boot. Mid boots typically sit right over your ankle bone, this will offer support on un-even terrain.


If you are out on the trail a lot, you’re probably more seasoned and can get away with something more minimalistic like a trail running shoe, or a low-cut hiker.


If you’re into trail running, then it is best to go with a more minimalistic option to keep your feet and legs from getting too fatigued. Under Armour, Merrell and The North Face all make a wide variety of trail running shoes for all ability levels.


Casual Shoes


Whether you’re looking for the casual comfort of a slipper or a stylish boat shoe for yacht hopping, casual shoes are designed for everyday wear. Here at we carry a large selection of casual shoes for men and women.


There are many different styles of casual shoes. They can be sneakers, slippers, slip ons, boat shoes, etc. Which type of casual shoe you purchase is usually based on personal preference.


If you’re searching for a super comfortable slipper, UGG and Sorel will be two brands that you should check out. If you’re seeking a boat shoe, Astral and Sperry both carry top-of-the line boat and water shoes. If a casual slip-on is what you’re seeking, then be sure to look at reef and OluKai.


No matter what capacity you’re going to be wearing your casual shoes, has something to cater to everybody’s needs.


Sandals & Flip Flops


If you’re looking to find the perfect sandal or pair of flip flops, carries the best selection of shoes for warm weather wear. If you’re heading out for a fun vacation, or summer has simply arrived – you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs.


There are many different styles of sandals and flip flops. You can find slip-on sandals, strappy sandals, hiking sandals and more. You can also find several different styles of flip flops. Some flip flops will have thicker straps, others thin. You can even find platform flip flops.


You can even find sandals and flip flops in many different materials. They can be constructed out of rubber, leather, hemp and other fibers making each pair unique. carries sandals and flip flops from all of your favorite brands like Chaco, Rainbow, Reef and more.


Water Shoes


Head for the shore with a pair of water shoes from If you’re looking for a shoe for adventure look no further. carries a wide selection of water shoes in different styles from top brands like Astral, The North Face and more.


First let’s talk about different styles of water shoes. Some water shoes resemble more of a tennis shoe and others look more like a neoprene sock that you slip on. The water shoes that look more like a tennis shoe can be worn on the street as well as in the water and often feature a regular outsole that has little holes for drainage. The ones that look like a neoprene sock also have an outsole, but instead the water drains through the mesh top rather than small holes in the outsole.


If you’re looking to find a great pair of water shoes is the place.




What is footwear without socks? carries a wide selection of socks to accommodate your every need. There are plenty of different styles of socks for all different uses. They also come in both synthetic and natural fibers so there is a lot to consider when purchasing a pair of socks.


A few different styles of socks are hiking, ski and snowboard, walking, running and no show. All of these styles also come in different weights ultra-light, light, medium, heavy, and expedition are the most common. Ultra-light being the best for warmer weather conditions or being aerobic, and expedition for the coldest of cold temperatures.


Socks also come in different fibers. Some are merino wool others are synthetic. Merino wool is a natural fiber that is wicks away moisture and controls odor. The synthetics that are often used for socks are a nylon/spandex blend and they also wick away moisture and control odor.


If you’re looking for the perfect pair for every occasion visit and shop our large selection of socks.

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