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Epic Forum Weekend


August 11th, 2011



When it comes down to it, the snowboard industry can appear to be an industry like any other. It’s a business that can be full of politics and salespeople and sometimes the underlying passion and joy of the sport can seem to be lost in meetings, numbers and reports. However, snowboarding is about passion, and luckily for us here at, we still have vendors who really know what it’s all about.





One of our last spring riding weekends, our reps from Forum Snowboards put together a great little event for our store employees to really get to know the product we’re selling.  I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned before, but we’ve got 5 retail locations and thousands of products from hundreds of vendors.  Simply put, it’s one thing for us to read the catalog for our products and put together a clever little sales pitch for you (trust me, we’re great at that), but it’s another thing to get that true hands on experience with the products out there.  So with that goal in mind, we headed up north to a cabin in the woods with employees from both our stores and our internet side of things, our two faithful Forum reps and a truck packed with Natty Light and 2012 Forum Snowboards. What more could you ask for!


We spent the weekend riding about ten people deep and testing one to two different Forum snowboards each day. The group was totally diverse both in skill and riding preference but everyone seemed to really feed off each other’s riding and style. No pressure, no guidelines, just carefree riding with easy going people. There also wasn’t the pressure to try a million different boards, like at a normal demo, but instead the goal was to truly get a feel for what each Forum board was capable of. It’s also great to see how different styles of riders felt about the same board. We really had a true cross section of different opinions which was great. I mean, how can we help you pick out a board if we don’t truly understand who it’s for and what it does? 


To sum up the weekend, we had a blast riding with Forum. We had soft spring riding conditions all weekend, spent our nights at a nice backwoods karaoke bar, met a man who did an excellent job of playing the spoons on various items (including a Forum Youngblood and our rep Steve’s head), and truly gained knowledge on the entire 2011-2012 Forum and Special Blend line up. One of our guys even won a 2012 Forum Manual simply because he drank a concoction we had mixed together and heated to a boil! (video possibly to come). 





So where do you come in? What do you care about our weekend of demoing? Well we want to share some of our personal experience with these Forum boards with you. Different than our normal product reviews, we want to feature some of the boards that we really spent some time with, and type up a few different riders opinions on each of them. We may not be able to play the spoons or throw back a couple of cold ones with you, but we can definitely let you know what we thought about the 2012 Forum Snowboards and hear any questions that you might have.


All in all, we just want to thank and support the brands that support us too. It’s great to have a brand like Forum that doesn’t just look the other way once the order is placed and forget about you until next season. Forum definitely has a strong line next year, and we would love for you to get a chance to ride one. Check back soon for our series of reviews on the Forum Holy Moly, Forum Youngblood, Forum Destroyer, Forum Scallywag and Forum Manual. 




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