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Crescent Moon Snowshoes Picked as "Best Bindings"


By Chris Gorski




Kudos to Crescent Moon Snowshoes for being picked by Backpacker Magazine’s Winter Gear Guide 2011/2012 for the “Best Bindings” on snowshoes for the 2nd time in the past 3 seasons! They received the shout out in regards to their Gold 10 and Gold 13 Series SPL bindings. What makes the SPL (Single Pull Loop) bindings so special you ask? Well the technology has been extensively tested and offers a truly one of a kind fit. Made from a temperature resistant flex-polymer that molds to the shape of your foot they provide a secure lock fit without slippage from top to bottom, side to side, and uniquely, front to back. So we congratulate them on giving snowshoe enthusiasts exactly what they want year after year!


Crescent Moon Snowshoes Voted Best Bindings


Also, as a side note, I personally think their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint should be commended as well. Their Boulder Colorado facility boasts 100% wind generated power along with a strong commitment to recycle as much strap material as possible which in turn helps to protect our most precious resources for future generations! As an avid outdoors person I like knowing that my grand children and their grand children will have the opportunity to enjoy the winter as much as myself thanks to the efforts of companies like Crescent Moon!


Check out a great video below that really exemplifies what Crescent Moon Snowshoes stand for and let them tell you directly about their binding system.


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