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Contraband Anyone?



March 17th, 2008



We’ve come across a lot of information regarding the K2 Auto Bindings and their unique convenience capabilities, and many of you know about the convenience of K2 Cinch Bindings and Flow style bindings that allow you to get in-and-out of your bindings with ease. Well, beginning in the 2008-09 snowboarding season, you can add another to the list of convenience bindings with the new Ride Contraband. The design of the Contraband is unlike any other binding on the market and is catching the eye of snowboarders all over the place.


Ride Logo3The design of the binding consists of one ratchet strap and a “thong-like” toe piece all connected together. The idea here is that pressure in the appropriate spot of the boot will keep the rider’s foot firmly in place without sacrificing any performance. The end result is a binding that performs like its traditional two-strap predecessors, but without all of the time and hassle.


Several of our riders tested snowboards at our recent testing event with the Contra Band and provided some great feedback. We received plenty of comments revolving around the convenient one-strap fastening system. While others commented on the Contraband’s ability to offer performance with its unique design. We will tell you that we also received some minor grumblings about the toe-piece, particularly with larger boot riders. The problem is that the toe-strap does not have an adjustment setting and can sometimes be stubborn at conforming around the toe of the boot. Keep in mind however that there is still time for Ride to retool the binding based on feedback from demo riders, like those on our team. Even with the minor toe-strap issues, all signs point to the Contraband Binding being a major player in the binding market.

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