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Complimentary Coaching Service for Skiers? Only in Vegas!


By Chris Gorski




Most all beginner skiers will benefit from some sort of lessons or coaching when they first start skiing but not all can afford the added cost. Well, in Las Vegas they have alleviated the additional cost of lessons and is offering complimentary coaching service to all beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders.


“Our primary goal is to improve the overall snow experience of our guests,” said Dan Hooper, LVSSR’s director of skier/rider services. “For those who are new to skiing and snowboarding, it can often be intimating, and a formal lesson setting isn’t right for everyone. This service affords our guests complete flexibility in terms of when and how long to engage with an instructor, while moving at a pace that’s comfortable and fun for them in a very relaxed environment.”



LVSSR Las Vegas Ski Resort


The free coaching service is available to all season ticket holders and lift ticket holders on any day that Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort (LVSSR) are open. We commend LVSSR on offering the free service of teaching beginner to intermediate skiers and boarders and urge those in Vegas or going to Vegas to take advantage. recommends all beginners take some sort of lessons and although not all resorts offer free lessons it’s worth looking into as many resorts will offer deals and discounts for those just starting out.


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