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Buying Guide for Snowboard Packages




Snowboard packages offer a great inexpensive way for beginners to get everything they need. You can also get a lot of great higher end snowboard packages for more experienced riders looking to save some dough and get everything all in one package. Another great aspect of buying snowboard packages is the security of knowing all the items will fit together without issue.


Shopping snowboard packages is quite simple and by using the refinements (shown below) on the left side of the page you can easily narrow down the snowboard packages we have in stock to exactly what you need and are looking for.


Snowboard Packages Search Refinements


There are a lot of different refinement options when shopping snowboard packages so let’s go a bit deeper into explaining exactly what these mean and how to best use them.




This refinement is pretty self explanatory. Selection of a brand here will show you only snowboard packages by that brand. You can select more than one brand; so if you want to see Burton snowboard packages and Forum snowboard packages you can select Burton and Forum in the brand refinement and we will only show you snowboard packages by those two brands. This is particularly helpful when shopping for a gift for someone who has only given you a brand of snowboard they prefer.




This is a very useful filter; here you can select from boys, girls, men’s or women’s snowboard packages. Selecting one or more of these refinements will show you only snowboard packages for that gender. As snowboards for men differ from snowboards for women and girls to boys this will ensure you are getting the proper product that will perform for the desired user of the snowboard. 




This refinement is fantastic if you’re shopping snowboard packages for a picky person or for yourself and only want to see certain color snowboards. Selecting red will only show you snowboard packages with predominately red snowboards and so on with blue, green, purple, etc. You can also select multiple colors if say you are looking for any snowboard packages with a green or red snowboard.




The price refinement can keep you on budget and only show you snowboard packages that are in a set price range. If you only have $300 to spend on a snowboard package than selecting the filter for $200-$299 will only show you packages that start at $200 and go up to $299 with none to be shown over your limit of $300.


Intended Use


The intended use refinement will help you narrow the snowboard packages down to only those that pertain to the type of snowboarding you intend to do. Choosing an all mountain, freestyle or all mountain freestyle will give you results of snowboards that are going to perform better for these snowboarding disciplines.


Ability Level


This refinement is where you choose the ability level of snowboard packages you wish to look at. If you are a beginner select beginner, intermediate choose intermediate or expert if you are an expert. This will help you ensure you are only shopping snowboard packages that are up to snuff for your ability. You can also select more than one ability level at a time so if you want to shop all beginner to intermediate level snowboard packages you can easily do so.



Using Multiple Refinements at One Time


All these refinements can work easily together and you can select multiple refinements to really narrow down the search to exactly what you need. So if you are looking for a beginner all mountain women’s snowboard package you can easily shop all of these by using the refinements. Simply select women’s in the gender refinement and the page will refresh with all women’s snowboard packages. Once it refreshes you can choose an additional refinement so you can select beginner level and once again the page will refresh and now will be showing all women’s beginner snowboard packages. Now go down and choose all mountain in the intended use refinement and the page will refresh to show your 3 refinement selections; Beginner Women’s All Mountain Snowboard Packages.


More In-Depth Snowboard Information


Above we went over how to easily navigate and shop our snowboard packages but we also have great general buying and sizing information for snowboards. If you need more information about sizing and selecting a snowboard please look at our Sizing Guide for Snowboards and Buying Guide for Snowboards. is your source for snowboard packages but if any of your questions went un-answered in this guide please feel free to contact us through phone, email or chat and one of our representatives will take care of you.

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